Do you want Wario characters in more Mario spinoffs?


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Like for instance, the Mario sports games, Mario Kart series, etc?

Because personally I'd love to see the likes of Mona or Jimmy T or Ashley or Captain Syrup in Mario Kart, even if that currently means Mario Kart Tour. But what do you think about this?
YES! I would love to see more 3D Wario games and PERSONALLY would LOVE 3D Wario microgames/3d adventures. I am designing a rom hack that I would like to pitch to nintendo once I flesh out more. Or if someone else wants in or wants to lead the project/or a project I would love to help in anyway (even just in concept/unused models , ideas, and concepts) .

Its just not Wario unless he is being zany imo its GREAT how they captured him in things like smash, most of the sports. I would like to see him quite frankly zanier in the kart games and in the baseball series. I would like to see more wario manga (all 3 mangas) referenced as well. Wario has a lot of character building he has gone through as a person and it would make for more than amazing games, it would make for much better and dramatic movies than anything about the Mario Bros could ever really revolve around WITHOUT the Wario Bros / WarioWareInc. Wario can literally go Super. Only the Mario RPG series (not the new ones that just recycle old assets) really add to the mario lore and then its seemingly abandonned.

I agree with you CM30. All of Wario's friends are an awesome part of his brand. Like he has a WHOLE CREW of much more interesting characters than Mario.....
Waluigi:: Luigi is pretty cool but honestly WALUIGI has much more potential (he's a coward but not a scardy cat, he like to grow pirana plants and owns a whole man-made island full of them.
Mona+Syrup > Peach+Daisy (sorry daisy)
Dribble, Spitz, Orbulon: Gotta love Yoshi but these guys just do transportation way better. The duo has a taxi that can turn into a secret agent jet. The other one alien ships and teleportation and other alien tech which leads me to...
Dr. Crygor + Penny + Ashley: sorry egad you're a boss and you were probably slick with it in the day but Dr. Crygor has more passion and character in his every word and movement, he's willing to push science TO ABSOLUTE LIMIT of his knowledge even if its bound to fail and isn't worried about playing it safe if it means innovation! Penny is polished but she'll absolutely box you out in the ring. Ashley is dun givva, but she's still around to help who needs a vacuum when you can brew boos into tea!
The Thang Family (Jimmy P. too), Volt family, and Shinobi Clans: What does Mario even have comprable to this? Toads WARIO'S GOT FRONKS? Yoshi Clan (pretty cool)? Sure Wario doesn't really pal around with toads but honestly that just means more zany instances. Imagine a game where wario is running through the mushroom kingdom and you have to grab toads and bowl them..
....Enemies in Wario games are cooler! (except sea life, mario's sea life is almsot as cool) REUSE SOME OF THEM or even expound upon them??? I'm trying to remake a ton again in 3D.

I will take note of your interest and implement the wario ware crew into my romhack pitch on your behalf! I'm already definitely adding Captain Syrup and she's to be in the middle of a siege on Donkey Kong Island. Wario has to muscle his way through to get what DK has/what Captain Syrup wants. But I can't spoil it more than that ;D