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Yeah, I saw too. Not gonna bother with this one given the gacha mechanics here.

Shame. Rest of the game actually looks quite good, and if it was like Mario Run, I'd have downloaded it day 1.

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Dr Wario is looking pretty spiffy... especially with those short sleeves. :DrWah:
I'd imagine that there will be a set amount of characters to be added for each update. For example, daisy, toadette, and donkey Kong for one update and bowser jr, wario and Waluigi in the next and so on. But I guess we have to wait and see.


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I'm not looking at footage for a Nintendo game.
I'm watching footage for a simple yet evil HUSK, SHELL of a game.
I'm honestly OFFENDED the big N would simplify Dr. Mario into this.

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I have had some time with it and the only two things that makes it feel like candy crush is that you have to match 3 with at least one capsule instead of four and after level 20 you have to wait to regenerate hearts to play the game or buy some which is major BS to me. You can however do online as much as you want but its definitely a far cry from Dr.Mario Online Rx.

Honestly it really is not that bad though. its got some annoying aspects but you should not expect the quality of something like a new Dr.Mario on the Switch when its a free game.