Favorite vocal track in the series


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Now if there's one thing that Rhythm Heaven is incredibly known for
is it's wonderous soundtrack, catchy, upbeat and just plain fun.
Rhythm Heaven just has a great soundtrack all around, which considering it's a rhythm game
kind of has to.

And of course, it has a lot of great original vocal tracks done by well known J-Pop idol groups in Japan
and various treehouse employees here.

But which one are your favorites?
There's a lot of choose from as there's four games worth of them.

Now my personal favorite is Struck by the Rain from Rhythm Heaven DS
I don't know why, but I really like the upbeat but slightly melancholic tone here
and the lyrics are extremely sad. fitting perfectly with the overall tone. (It also possibly says a lot about Karate Man himself) I don't know, I just like these kind of melancholic songs for some reason?

Another personal favorite is the classic Dreams of our Generation from Rhythm Heaven Fever
It's just so upbeat and catchy and just so fucking dancable.
And the motivational lyrics only add to it.
Seriously what a brilliant way to end Rhythm Heaven Fever.

Also Honey Sweet Angel of Love from the Original is pretty great. (Even if I don't know the meaning behind it.)

But which ones would you consider your favorites?

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Been a while but I remember liking this version much more than the Japanese version unlike the other rather poor localizations.

The vocals are so ingrained in my mind for this track that I consider this a vocal track.


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My favourite will always be Lonely Storm from Karate Man in the Wii game. The track just fits so well with visuals and the lyrics are great too in my opinion. I like both versions of the song but the English version gets the edge for me. The Machine Remix and Honeybee Remix are great too, especially the latter which goes way too well with the minigames in that remix.