I suspect Obisumaru was inspired by Wario.

I guess you know the Ganbare Goemon saga, because most Nintendo fans know it. In it, Konami started to copy ideas from Mario and Zelda early. The first Goemon game for Nes (1986) was very different to SMB (1985) but Goemon Snes games from the 90s copied several Mario and Zelda ideas since both franchises were successful.

Well, in Ganbare Goemon 2 (1993) there are a npc who steals manekinekos to the player, a pickpocket. He looks like Ebisumaru but has another face and a red nose. In Ganbare Goemon 4 (1995) this is not a mere npc but a rival Ebisumaru must defeat, and his name is Obisumaru. I suspect Obisumaru was inspired by Wario because:

1. Both are "evil" copies of a principal character
2. Both have red noses
3. Both have the name of the character thay are imitatios, but the first letter changes
4. Konami had already copied Nintendo ideas then.

Look the characters, Ebisumaru and Obisumaru:


What do you think?
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I have edited the first post adding images of both characters. Do you agree about Obisumaru was inspired by Wario?