Ideas for the next possible Wario Land?


Long live Wario!
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I agree the wario ware characters shouldn't clash with the land series. They're completely different and it's weird to see characters in one series change into another enviroment cause they are very different. But Captain Syrup would a good playable character as well
I agree with that. A better choice than Waluigi honestly.


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Yeah but still, Waluigi doesn't really fit that well. One of the games' most important aspects relies upon Wario's brute strength. Hence why Waluigi is mist likely isn't in.
Maybe we could have Waluigi as a sort of Murfy in Rayman Legends deal, where he's less of a straight-up P2 and more of a tool to solve puzzles with. Or maybe he could have less strength (like you said, it'd be kind of weird for him to be in a game about strength) but different transformations or better jump height or speed or something. Idk, I just want to give him SOMETHING to do Hmm: