Ideas for the next WarioLand gameplay style.

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Well you know how you got the Mario parody, invincible Wario and, running to the beginning if level styles. But if they made two more Wario Lands then what should they do?

My idea is in the beginning of a level you get dropped in the middle. The levels are large and there are accessible areas in every direction. Each level is like a mini Metroid Vania.

You have to get 5 key pieces from around the level and bring the pieces back to the entrance to go to the next level.

You have unlimited health and time but you lose coins upon getting hit. Coins can buy you items in shops which are within the level. The items however are context sensitive to that level and can be used to skip certain obstacles or mandatory for getting key pieces.
EX: Buying a bomb to blow up a wall too strong for Wario to collect the treasure behind it.

Coins go towards points after levels like WL4 but you can share scores online if you're into high scores.

In the levels you can find hidden challenge rooms which you can retry as much as you want. They could be anything like "ground pound 5 gooms in 15 seconds" or "get to the bottom without becoming a zombie" or something. Beating these challenges nets you a small key.

Small jeys open the treasure chest in a level which is optional.

The treasures in treasure chests give you abilities. Super charge, high jump, etc.

You do not need new abilities to beat the game but you can skip obstacles, have access to faster strategies for killing certain enemies or be able to get more treasures and secrets.

You need every treasure chest in a world for a secret level.

Beating more secret levels nets you better endings.

You can waste coins on cosmetic changes like Mario Odyssey.

Bosses and the end of worlds can't kill you so to make up for it they have huge health bars. Beating them with their weakness causing massive damage is a puzzle but if you don't get it you can still win so it is accessible to newcomers but you are punished with having to struggle through a longer fight and potentially lose coins getting hit.

EX: a boss throws hammers and bombs at you and his weak spot is his head
Ground pound his head = 1 hit point
Use hammer to transform into spring Wario and bounce off the roof into his head = 10 hit points.

Well that's all I got so far. I wanna hear your ideas.

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We need a lot of coins indeed! :wargrr: I'm a bit disappointed that Nintendo misused the ¨collect as much coins possible¨ idea for a Mario game, while a Wario Land game would've been a much better and more obvious choice.