I'm really feeling depressed about the loss of Wario's shoulder charge.


I've been replaying some Wario Land games, and it's reminding me about how it was such an iconic move. I feel like every character in Smash Bros got to have their most iconic moves in Smash Bros except for Wario. Even Peach, who only actually floated in one game before 3D World brought it back, got to have her floating ability because it's so iconic to her character.

I mean, yeah, the shoulder charge was lazily implemented in Brawl, but at least he had it. Now I just feel an emptiness inside me while I'm playing as him...

I've always placed great importance in my favorite characters' iconic moves, you know? It's a trademark that's part of what makes a character stand out in my mind. Mario, Link, Samus, Kirby, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Megaman, Sonic...they all get to have their most iconic moves, but Wario doesn't. Not even as a side smash (when it really deserves to be his neutral special move, instead of a random biting attack).

Makes me really sad.
I feel the same, but still use Wario anyway because he rocks. I feel that they did it because they thought it was cheap...but that's unfair, because it did have short range, and if they wanted to balance it, they could have just removed the super armor on it...
I actually use Wario more now, because overall he feels and plays a lot better than in Brawl (and it's really nice that it now saves which alt costume you used last, so I don't need to manually select Wario's classic outfit every time now). But as a matter of principle it just angers me that they couldn't even keep a small vestige of his signature move. A signature move that, unlike a lot of other signature moves (like Mario's fire balls, DK's ground slap, and Sonic's spin dash), has been featured in every one of Wario's platforming games. It's got the same attendance record as Kirby's inhale (Actually, didn't Kirby lose his inhale attack in Epic Yarn? So Wario beats that out, too!) , yet Kirby gets to have extensive development time devoted to his signature move while Wario couldn't even get to keep his as a simple smash attack.
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True, Kirby's got like eleven platformers now, but Wario's eight is nothing to sneeze at either (and it's more than Kirby had by the time Melee came out, at which point Kirby was a Smash Bros veteran with multiple moves from his platformers, one of which being the development-intensive inhale).
The only reason Kirby's inhale works in the Smash game is because Smash plays like a Kirby game. Kirby has the same effects as his enemy making balancing for him really easy. Wario perhaps would be too broken if he were to play like he is invincible like in WL3. We can't have it so Wario never flinches or else he'd be broken (unless he acts like Little Mac and had a limited recovery).
Little Mac is very similar to how a legitimate "Wario Land"-based Wario should play, now that you mention it. A very sturdy, hard-hitting character with poor jumping ability, who is best used on the ground.

But honestly, I'm not complaining so much about his play style as a whole because it is a fun play style at the very least. But taking away the shoulder charge didn't make it any more fun than it already was. And it's weird, because for the most part Sakurai seems to be trying to make Side Smash attacks as diverse and visually interesting as possible (heck, a lot of the newcomers have Side Smashes that look like Special Moves). But then he took away the unique shoulder charge (unique both in its animation and in that it had super armor) and replaced it with a generic punch that uses almost the same animation as Wario's Side Tilt.

And if Sakurai was dead set on giving Wario that new Side Smash, he could always have retooled Wario's shoulder charge into a custom Neutral Special. That would have been acceptable as well.