Hello, wonderful people of WarioForums! My name is Evan Hugo Freeman. It's not my real name and is just a fake name I made up by myself in the style of a full name, because I thought it would be cool. Anyways, I have joined this wonderful website because not so long ago, I became a huge fan of Warioware, not to mention the man Wario himself. I am also a new game developer and artist who's currently developing a game series called Five Nights at Wario's: Redone. Obviously, it's a fangame series of the popular Five Nights at Wario's series, and I aim for it to be the best and most unique and special of all the FNAW fangames and remakes. Unfortunately, I have had a rough relationship with a certain part of the FNAW community, because of tendencies of wanting attention, and my anger issues causing me to snap at some toxic users. (They were insulting me first, but I still shouldn't have done that.) These things, I want to get rid of, improve myself and become a better person. I am also emotionally sensitive, and that leads to trouble for me especially when it comes to drama, but I've been aiming to be come stronger with my heart and control myself better.
I like:
Vacation and different places
Being kind and nice
My online friends
Video Games, TV, and Series
I hate:
Toxic People
Unfunny People
Stupid and immature kids
If you can, plz follow FNAW Redone, your support means a lot to me. :) Game Jolt - Games for the love of it
Lastly, I am really willing to make new friends in this amazing community, and look forward to getting to know you all. :)
A very warm welcome from a long-time Wario fan and Wario Forums member! VforVictory:
I'm rather inactive too, I have to admit, but I'm working on trying to visit this place more often, and to bring some new life in it from time to time.

Feel free to discuss anything Wario-related (and non-Wario and non-video game related subjects in their dedicated threads) and hopefully it will become just a little but busier here.

There are also other game developers active (or were active) here on Wario Forums, so you will fit in well.

and I do like fanfiction, except bad ones of course, those I hate.

What kind of fanfiction do you read? And from which works, if I may ask?