Is Wario a Mario Character?


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Well, it's obvious that Nintendo has difficulty classifying him as such, given the limited roles for him and his friends/enemies in Mario spinoffs, but what do you think?

Would you classify Wario as a Mario character, or say he's now mostly seperate to that series?

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Wario is still definitely a part of the Mario series, with his continued and consistent appearances in spinoff titles, and his roots still lie in Super Mario Land 2. He's mostly gone off and begun doing his own things, similar to Donkey Kong, but like Donkey Kong he continues to be involved in the series, and unlike DK, his origin is a Mario game, whereas DK's involvement with Mario begins with an arcade game named after himself. For what it's worth, though, the Smash Bros. games give him a unique series icon (although they also do this for Yoshi), and he does have multiple series based on himself by now. In short, he continues to be involved in the Mario series through spinoff titles, and he originated from the Mario series (not to mention his design is based off of Mario), but he's also the star of his own series, so by this point he's kind of halfway.


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I suppose he is, technically speaking. Though I think by this point he's well-seperated and branched off into his own distinct thing. Last Wario game to contain strong connections to the Mario series was the first one. Given that Ware is completely seperated besides some references via 9-Volt and shit, I'd say that Wario has the same essence of a parody series or something, retaining the original basis but gaining its own unique flair over time. Yes I realise I'm stating the obvious.
Smash bros set Wario as his own series, probably so when Ashley's in smash 5 she won't have a mushroom but a W to indicate she's not from Mario, but a Wario series character.
For Wario though, he started out as a Mario character, even after the games he's been in Wario is still in a lot of Mario spin-off titles.

I'd say he's mostly a Mario character, still somewhat his own character as well.

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As far as I can tell, it was kinda a precursor to both series, and doesn't exactly fit into either. It's just a part of its own trilogy, while Mario Bros. seems to be the start of Mario games.


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And now to the next question:
Is Mario a Donkey Kong character?
Nah. DK is a mario character and his series, like Yoshi's and Wario's are for all intents and purposes a subseries of Mario. He has more star power han Yoshi and Wario, but he gets included in Mario collections alongside Diddy and Dixie., and he alongside Diddy are Mario representatives in Mario vs Sonic.

Heck, even the successor series of the Donkey Kong Arcade game's name has been adjusted to Mario vs Donkey Kong.

This is part of the reason why I don't get that mad over DK not getting more reps in Smash than it does- it's technically a Mario series, and Mario already has 11 characters when including it's subseries.


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Wario has different writers and directors working on his games and designs unlike the Mario and Donkeykong Games, just look at Wario land shake it.
I didn't know there was a debate around this topic. If I was to pick a side I'd go with, yes. He is a Mario character, he came from Mario, right? See, he is Mario.

It doesn't matter if he got his own games, we don't say Luigi isn't a Mario character just because he's gotten two games. If they got their own games, good for them, but if they originated from Mario games, I still consider them a Mario character.

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But claiming that being derived from a series makes you a part of it raises a few more questions. After all, Mario's first appearance was in Donkey Kong, and then in Donkey Kong Jr. At the point of his second appearance, you could say that he was a recurring character in the Donkey Kong series (since, with two games now, it could indeed be considered a series). Is he, then, a Donkey Kong character, because he was a character from the Donkey Kong series before getting his own games? If he is no longer a Donkey Kong character, then why would Wario be a Mario character? After all, he's only had a major role in one main-series Mario game, followed by a few other appearances in games with Mario characters (Mario & Wario, Wario's Woods; note that in these games, he's prominently featured in the titles, so these could just as easily be called Wario games) and thereafter he got his own series based on himself. After that, basically his only appearances in Mario games are spinoffs, like Mario Kart. Appearances in spinoffs don't really constitute being a Mario character either; Diddy Kong pretty consistently appears in Mario Kart/Mario Tennis games, but he's very distinctly not a Mario character. Diddy Kong originates from, and otherwise only appears in, Donkey Kong games.

In short, if originating from the Mario series is the reason Wario is a Mario character, then Mario must be a Donkey Kong character, since Donkey Kong was a series in which Mario was a recurring character before he got his own series. If appearing in Mario spinoffs is the reason Wario is a Mario character, then Diddy Kong must be a Mario character, despite originating in and otherwise only appearing in the Donkey Kong series.
Donkey Kong was the title character, Mario was the hero and protagonist. Meaning, DK had his name on the cover, but Mario was the main character.

The first game, and Mario is the protagonist. I'm pretty sure it's safe to say DK is a Mario character. I dunno now, Magical Ashley got me thinking Wario is a Mario character, which is kinda of right I guess.

What would you have called him before Wario had his own games? a Mario character.
I guess you can Wario's characters are "Wario characters" such as Ashley, mona, etc. But the GlowGuy says even Ashley is a Mario character, so no such thing as Wario characters?

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Couldn't you just say Mario is the main series and most these sub-series overlap to some degree. Also, why do you keep calling Glowsquid GlowGuy