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I know, I know. We already have the thread ¨What music are you listening to now¨, but this thread isn’t necessarily about that. Rather, I decided to make this thread to see what music the members of Wario Forums enjoy.

Here is a list of some of my absolute favourite songs/artists. Because of the sheer amount of absolutely beautiful music that has been made over the years, it was very hard, impossible in fact, for me to make a top 10, but I managed to make a top 5, and decided to add an additional 5 songs in no particular order. This is only a small sample of the songs I love the most. There are many, many more songs/pieces and bands/singers/DJ’s/composers that I like, because I like virtually any genre of music, save for most rap and some EDM genres. Other than that, I can appreciate almost all music, but as you can judge from the songs below, I’m mostly a trance and rock lover, despite how radically different those genres may be.


Share your lists of favourite music here, I’m really curious as to what all of you like.
Oh, one more thing: please do, for the sake of your fellow member’s web browsers, place videos in spoilers.