Now that it's been out for a few days, how do you feel about the game? (spoilers are ok!)


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Figured I'd let everyone thoughts marinate before starting a thread like this. And if your copy is stuck in "Shipping on Monday" hell, huh, sorry

Teh good

-The character concept is *great*. Far from limiting the scope of the microgames too much, the additional layer of "How do this task with the character I have right now" perfectly compliments WarioWare's appeal, and it adds ton of depth by giving the games so much variations and different solutions. And how certain games having out-of-the-box solutions for the character you're using (like playing as Penny in any games that involve watering something or putting out a fire) shows how much the devs thought this game through.

I don't even think the characters being blatantly unbalanced is actually a problem. There's a certain fun factor in figuring out how to do a game with a "bad" character. And if the "My streak ended because I got an impossible combination" factor is just too frustrating, you can just stick to the 3/5 character mode and stack your team with all the OP characters.

That being said... I don't wish a happy birthday to whoever thought forcing you to play as 5-Volt on the grapes boss game was a good idea.

-Penny's song and the (ingame) credit themes are bangers.

-This is the best batch of Nintendo games yet

-I love Pyoro! He's the MVP. His fucking voice is just so great. He's like a better Yoshi.

- I greatly enjoyed the action elements in both final stages. If DLC or a sequel expands on the idea of having to navigate levels or dodge stuff during intermissions, I'll be pleased.

- I saw a Japanese guy on Twitter go "This Ko Takeuchi concept art is too good. They should put in a museum and charge you 10.000 yens for entry". He's right.

-I.m actually liking the whole gacha metagame of leveling up characters by giving them gifts. It's fun to figure out what item is best for whoever by reading the descriptions and one's own knowledge of the Deep WarioWare lore. Or just gambling.

-Speaking as the local deranged Ashley fanboy, I love how she is here. She's both at her most badass and funniest yet, nobody can say she doesn't fit with the rest of the cast now. And she's broken as hell too!

-While I still don't like many of the redesigns, the Gold art style is a lot more pallatable with the more dynamic poses and facial expressions, and actual shading during the cutscenes.

-Speaking of the cutscenes, I really like them! They're so weird and briskly paced. Gold's format of having character standing and talking with Filmation-tier animation was fine as an one-off to showcase the voice acting, but I wouldn't liked the following games to be like that.

The bad

... Which makes the lack of animated outro somewhat dissapointing.

-I suppose this is going to be heavily region-dependent, but at least in French some microgame prompts are mistranslated. There's this game in Mona's where you have to prevent a guy's glasses from being fogged up by pushing his meal plate or vacuuming all food (if Orbulon) but the prompt is translated to "Avoid the steam!", which is rather misleading.

-The lack of real toys and minigames is a bit of a letdown. Friendless battle is very fun but not quite enough to make up for the paucity of everything else.

-I don't really mind that much there's no full voice acting this time but the inconsistency of it is distracting. Sometimes a subitle is silent, sometimes they only say the first word, sometimes they say the whole thing. There's no pattern to it and it varies by dubs too (French actually has more voiced lines than English, though not all of them).

Overal, I find this is easily the strongest WarioWare in term of core mechanics. I'm not sure if it'll top Smooth Moves for me since it lack the "Using new technology in creative and surprising ways" factor, but it's a very strong sequel and I see myself playing it for a long time... but what about you?
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Whew, here we go:

The Good:

Playable characters: I love how you have to think about how to do each microgame differently with each character, and that sometimes it can be incredibly difficult or hilariously easy. It's fun finding little cheats that each character can do, such as Orbulon holding the ball during the Keep Up microgame, or how 5-Volt can just teleport out of the jar in the microgame where you have to, well, break out of a jar. I think the unbalancedness makes it more fun because it adds much more challenge and unpredictability. My favorite team of 3 to use is Ashley, Red, and Orbulon, just because of how OP they are, but using Penny, 9-Volt, and 18-Volt is always a good challenge, albeit frustrating at times.

Voice acting: Oh my god, I love the voice acting, especially Red's. It's just hilarious.

Cutscenes: The cutscenes were fun and interesting, and I personally think they were a lot better than Gold's. A lot of cutscenes in Gold were just characters standing and talking with their mouths moving two frames, but Get It Together's had a lot more quirkiness and action, I feel.

Customization: I don't have much to say on this, actually. I think the colors and customization were alright, but could be better. Special unlockable outfits for characters rather than just palette swaps would be neat.

Gallery art: Kosan's art? Incredible. 'Nuff said.

Music: The music in this game is AWESOME! It's probably one of my favorite soundtracks out of any WarioWare game. I'm also so happy that they had another vocal song, and it was so adorable that I thought I was going to cry. Really great stuff.

Ashley: As another local deranged Ashley fanboy, I must agree, she's absolutely fantastic in this game. Her entire attitude towards being stuck in the game in perfect. She was both adorable yet badass. I laughed out loud when Wario was saying that they didn't need her help, and the camera zoomed in on her face while she said "Please. Of course you do." 10/10. The music in her stage was also really good.

The Bad:

Gacha machines: I really liked the gacha machine unlockables from Gold, but honestly? In this game it's just disappointing. The prezzies really don't do much, and are a sad replacemet for the unlockable toys, cards, and minigames from Gold. If there was ever an update or DLC, they really need to do better on the unlockables.

Multiplayer: I really like the multiplayer modes, but the lack of online play is just sad. During these times especially, people aren't able to get together in person and play videogames like before the pandemic, and it sucks how Nintendo doesn't seem to realize that couch co-op may not be an option for everyone. I find the only online mode, Wario Cup, boring and pointless. I genuinely do not give a shit about it. What's the point of online rankings when there's no real reward, other than items to increase your online ranking? I get some people are really big on online ranking, and that's okay, but it just seems pointless to me.

Subtitles and Voices: As I mentioned earlier, I love the voice acting in the game. But can I hear it? No. This is a bit of a weird nitpick, but I literally cannot understand anything some characters like Ashley and Dr. Crygor are saying, because the music is way too loud and there's no volume settings besides just master volume. Also, a lot of cutscenes have characters saying things with no subtitles, while the actual subtitles are barely voiced. During Ashley's stage, there are literally two lines with subtitles, and the rest is Ashley mumbling nonsense spell-words that you can't hear or understand because there's no subtitles. Again, weird nitpick, but yeah.

Misc: To be honest, this game feels a bit empty. There's not very many unlockables, and there are barely any singleplayer modes besides the main game. I like the missions, but other than that, not much for singleplayer. I really hope that there's more content with more unlockable minigames, modes, etc. Also, the lack of outro cutscenes was weird.

Overall, I enjoyed this game, I really did, but it did feel lacking in some areas that Gold did a great job on. Really hoping for more post-launch service in the form of updates and additional content. It's really strong in the new things it brings, and the playable character mechanic is something that really brings a lot of fun and variety to it. I'm not sure how long I'll be playing it, but it's really fun for the time being!


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Leaving my impressions post from my blog here.

Long story short: I am incredibly happy with this game, with the only major, significant bummer for me being the lack of online multiplayer and even that I honestly saw coming.


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Alrighty! So let's see:


-The gimmick works incredibly well with this game, and unlike something like DIY where the microgames were obviously compromised quality-wise to allow for said gimmick, they're about on par with most WW games.

-It's nice to see a general focus on the ensemble cast (Gold did this too.) I love the unlockable art.

-Graphics are very clean. I like how the game world/cutscenes/real world have three distinct visual styles to them. While voice acting's gone, this means they don't have to make the cutscenes as stiff as Gold did to facilitate easily allowing voice acting in multiple languages.

-I like the Wario Cup! Weekly rotating challenges sounds very fun, and even if you aren't a high score hunter, the trophies give you something to do.

-Lots of fun multiplayer modes, which I'll enjoy with whoever I sucker into playing with me.

-Missions are back, and I'm glad. They give more to do for those less into just going for a high score, and I hope they remain a mainstay.

-That final final boss was really cool.

-More delicious Ko art.



Yeah, I miss the outro animations. I'll forgive the lack of voice acting due to a major cutdown on dialogue in general, and the little conversations in-between stages make up for it a bit, I still wish these were here.

-Some of the characters are really hard to get a grip on, especially the perpetual moving ones. More excusable in Wario Cup, since learning how to use them is part of the challenge.

-Gold is where we peaked on new single-player modes and collectables, with most of the focus on multiplayer here. While I get that they're going all in on the game's entire gimmick, and the Switch is the easiest system for multiplayer play to date, it still means I'll be randomly picking this up less than I did Gold.

-I'll put no online multiplayer here just as a concept, but honestly, I don't see games with split-second timing required anywhere near playable on Nintendo's online system.


In general, I'd say it lived up to my expectations and hopes for a new game. It's wonderful to see that even without new control schemes, they can find a way to innovate and justify new games (Sorry, F-Zero.) It's not in my absolute peak for the lack of single player content, but it's also the only Warioware I can say I'll play with friends unless the Gamecube one gets a port, so that says something, right? I'm pleased, and at very least, will be sure to gold-trophy as many of the Wario Cup challenges as I can.