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Hello there Wario army. Tis I! That guy. Anyways, a while ago, I have been a moderator at @shinespeciall's Wario Land 4 maker discord server, a while ago, which he already posted an article about his program a while ago. Ever since this program is in the works, I have been making blueprints on my upcoming rom hack, Wario Land 4 2.

Wario Land 4 was one of my very first handheld games I have ever played when I was a kid. Not a good start especially when my brain was still developing and I would hear the "HURRY UP!!!" music played. Years later, I played it once again, watched tutorials on how to find the treasure chests, and completed the game, even about to beat S-Hard mode. I memed the living heck out of this game with my friends too because of it. Sooooo yeah I hope I can use my time here very well, and maybe with the hopes of Wario Land 4 2 to be created.

P.S. I am seeking help for the rom hack. Join my server to be apart of the rom hack and what it will be about.