Relationship between Wario and Waluigi.


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Oh yeah this has to be discussed. I think it's kind of interesting how some sources claim Wario and Waluigi are brothers and some say they aren't. What's up with that?

Here's what I think: Waluigi claims himself to be Wario's long lost brother, but everyone (including Wario) is not certain if this is true.

What do you guys think?
I personally just consider them brothers, although maybe that's because I took a bunch of old strategy guides and magazines a bit too seriously.

The Waluigi claims to be Wario's long lost brother one is good though.
I don't think they're really related.... they don't seem like it at all.

Someone at Nintendo once said (it might've been Charles Martinet but don't quote me on that) that he thinks Wario and Waluigi are more like 2 anti-heros who found each other and...well... got along a way.

Also I've heard sources say Mario and Wario are cousins....that's BS imho.
I considered them brothers without any need for supplementary materials to tell me. Honestly, I'm pretty disgusted by the fact that Nintendo is denying it, along with retconning the Koopalings into not being Bowser's children. It's just a clear sign that Miyamoto refuses for his beloved characters to develop in absolutely any way (See Sticker Star). Honestly, his hatred of DKC may have stemmed from that.
Honestly, his hatred of DKC may have stemmed from that.

The "Miyamoto hates DKC" stuff is likely fabrication. The supposed interview it originates from has strange statements and is riddled with obvious translation errors, and an interview with the lead designer of DKC reveals that Miyamoto was one of the few people to defend the game when it was shown to Nintendo execs. (Not to mention the original interview has Miyamoto renegging on his statement and saying he was frustrated by executive interferance on Yoshi's Island, a part that the "See? Miyamot hates your game"-people conveniently omit).

(If this is too off-topic, my apologies :V.)
But they were never Bowser's children to begin with. That's something the translators came up with. In Japan they were always known as Bowser's underlings.

Well it wasn't directly stated they weren't, either. The designs pretty directly implicate that they're his kids. Why make seven small Koopalings that have more resemblance to Bowser than the standard Koopa race? Bowser barely even is a Koopa, he may as well be his own race, and the Koopalings look far more like him in that way. Why else make them kid characters? Nintendo always makes monstrous bosses and elderly kings as their more generic platforming bosses 99% of the time. Why else give them all unique designs when their original boss battles in SMB3 are so generic?

Yeah I opened a can of worms for going off topic with my post, sorry about that. On topic, while Waluigi really is only kept out of Wario titles (Especially Ware) out of Nintendo's hatred of him, the in-universe implications are pretty bad for them being brothers, I admit. Wario refuses to let him go out on adventures with him or even work part time at his company? Waluigi must be a bum.