Superstar Saga 3DS Re-remade Sprites


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I showed these first few on another thread already but I wanna have a place to compile them all.

So here are all the sprites I wanted to remake which were either redesigned or removed in the 3DS version.

This one was made before we knew that the Beanerang Bros. (totally called that name, btw) would actually be returning. So I added the 3DS sprite as comparison later:

Pilot Koopas:


Gunner Guy with Camo:

That fat Koopa that doesn't have a proper name:


Psycho Kamek:

Fanfare Toads:

Geno's Cameo:

Troopeas and Paratroopeas:

Luigi's flattened face:

I'm not sure how much more I'll do. Maybe the Koopalings too.

I'll update this first whenever I finish another pic.
Btw, I'll mostly work on this on the weekends.

Thought? Suggestions? ^^
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Great work @ShyGuyXXL! I said it before, but I'll say it again:

These really do look professional quality, and if I'd seen them without knowing you'd made them, I'd be quite convinced that they were made by AlphaDream's artists themselves. You really did nail the style here.

Can't wait to see the other sprites!


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I love you!

You have made the best fanart for the NPC Toads of all time.

I can't get enough of how much you care about these Toads?

They are so unique that I wanna see fanart of them in the future. lol
That was so sweet i can taste it.
It tastes of sweetness.
or marshmallows.
Mmmh. marshmallows. LuvsU: