They actually did it! Mario + Rabbids has a Wario reference!


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Rabbid Wario and Waluigi are a thing in this game. That's pretty cool if you ask me. Yeah sure, it's not the real Wario and Waluigi.

But have them at least referenced in a Mario game like this... that's better than we've seen in any non sports game from the last ten years or so.

Let's hope more Wario and Waluigi references are coming in the future!


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That's cool, I did always suspect that a Wario Rabbid could a thing, after first seeing the DK Rabbid, but I wasn't confident enough in that guess, to truly expect it.


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They actually did it!!!

They actually did Wario and Waluigi rabbids!!!!!
Disappointed that the actual Wario and Waluigi aren't here.
But fuck it, i'll take it.

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As Glowsquid previously mentioned, the amount of liberty Ubisoft as a whole had on this game is quite surprising.


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I've never liked the Rabbids brand of humor and found them to be insufferable minion-like characters. Despite that, Ubisoft put a very strange amount of effort into this weird little game. It cares more about Donkey Kong than Smash Bros does, what with DK64 remixes and such.

Having Waluigi be the big guy and Wario the smaller one I find funny as a joke. Waluigi is supposed to be this huge butt monkey character, so they made him a big dumb idiot to try to communicate that.

I don't think this counts as a "mainline" Mario game at all though, don't expect Wario and Waluigi to show up in any mainline Nintendo produced Mario game any time soon.