Wario Land 2 - Low Coin Challange!

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I am attempting to beat the main story of Wario Land 2, getting as few coins as possible.
This will be interesting.

Unfortunatly, there's a bit of audio issues in this video, and I'm not sure why it happened. But hopefully, you can still enjoy the video.

So, here is Chapter 1.

(Oh, and yeah, that is my newer YouTube channel. Because I want my active youtube channel to actually have a good username and profile pic, rather than a box art and a name with a typo)
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Estimated coins amount within Chapter 3, based on my practice run, is 131.
Of course, it's possible I'll be able to improve that.
But it's also possible that tricks I've managed to do that time, I might not be able to pull of when I actually get to recording the next episode. We will see.
Let's hope we can make the total below 515, at least.