[Wario Land 3] How do coins spawning from blocks work?

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As we know, in Wario Land 3, there are no floating coins, and no coin drops from enemies.
For a while, I was under the impression that the game has specific coins drop from specific blocks. I've heard that from a few people.
Plus, there are certain places that have always awarded me with a regular or colored coin. Rolling down the hill in Out of The Woods always gave me a green coin. Or going down into the red chest area in The Vast Plain, and breaking the blocks at the start aways gave me a red coin and regular coin.

Even viewing the tiles in the level editor, there seem to be specific blocks that just break, or break with coin.

So, I was actually under the impression that each level has a specific, finite ammount of coins, just like in Super Mario 64, and was planning to make a list on exactly how many coins each level contains.

But when I did some playtesting, and simply messed around in the first room of Out of the Woods multiple times, I got different results each time.
I tried dashing into blocks or ground puonding them. And each time, different blocks gave me coins, one time they gave me a grey coin in addition to multiple regular coin, another time I got only one regular coin.

So there's deffinetly still some randomness to the coins, yet some coin drops are consistant.


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I believe that certain blocks like snowman blocks are designed to give a coin every I don't know... 5th block? You can see a prime example in the red chest room by breaking every cracked block then becoming snowman Wario, and the first block snowball wario breaks has a coin. Next area: Break 5 blocks, you get another coin. There is a pattern to coins with specific blocks, which seems to be frequency related. I think ball-o-string blocks also use this coin distribution as well.