Wario Land Rivals (game concept idea)

(Not sure if this is the right subforum for this)

An idea that I've heard and talked about before on other forums is the idea of a multiplayer Wario Land game. Series like Super Mario Bros., Kirby, and Donkey Kong Country have gotten the multiplayer treatment, but here's an idea that's catered directly to Wario:
You know how the NSMB's series has a competitive element in that you can hinder other players if you want to? In the case of NSMB, I think it's lazy or faulty design, but I think the concept of a competitive platforming experience would fit the Wario character perfectly. So here's my idea for Wario Land Rivals:

Captain Syrup breaks in to Wario Castle and steals his treasure, but before she can escape, the treasure is stolen from her by Waluigi. As he makes a getaway, the treasure is again stolen by Count Cannoli. Wario shoulder barges Cannoli, and all four of them begin fighting over the treasure chest. Then, a spirit comes out of the chest, taking all of Wario's treasure, and scattering it throughout the world and turning it into monsters. The four thieves all rush off to collect it.
In the end, the spirit takes its true shape in the form of Rudy the Clown, and the four thieves have to team up to defeat him.

Gameplay: The game plays similarly to previous Wario Land games, most similarly to Wario Land 4. However, there are now 4 playable characters to choose from, each with subtly different weight and jumping stats, and certain exclusive abilities. The catch is that each player is competing with the others to collect treasure. Hurting other players can allow you to steal one of their hearts, and when a player loses all their hearts everyone else get some of their treasure. Hindering other players in certain situations will award you a cut of their treasure, and there are a number of jewels throughout the level which you are all competing to collect. Occasionally, levels will be designed with traps which you can use to take treasure from other players. Also, in taking a little influence from Wario Ware, after each level is over, all four players play a competitive minigame which also awards them treasure, after which a tally is shown of the treasure collected by everyone in that level.

What do you guys think of this idea? Would you enjoy a competitive Wario platformer like this?