what are some music suggestions you have for fellow forum members?

Baker Man

Already F'd up 2025 gonna be my year
I'm going to say I'd recommend listening to Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum by Tally Hall, definitely a trip in a good way, with songs like Ruler of Everything and Banana Man.

I mean, if you like Wario, you likely like some weird stuff, and this album is weird. Fun fact, this album was named after the building in Farmington Hills, MI, of the same name, I've been to MMMM before, it's a pretty cool place.

I'd also recommend Incubus's album Make Yourself, more on the rock side than the weird side, but it's a bit softer rock, too.
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I'm not sure if I'm allowed to share my own music mashups on here so not gonna for now...
But some various albums, songs and artists that I listen to:
The Funky Monkeys - used to listen to a lot when younger, local NZ kids music band that split up but I still see in person members of the band.
Gorillaz - not everyone likes them, but they are great IMO.
Learke - Found out about them recently and they dropped a new EP a few minutes ago. They also have some great 100 gecs remixes.
I could go on with many more but for now, sticking with these 3.
i also listen to a lot of Avenged Sevenfold, so I'd recommend their album Nightmare.

Also yeah MMMM is basically the duality of music, being deeply constructed with meaning (RoE and Hidden in the Sand), and just absolute madness (Banana Man and Mucka Blucka) lmao
reviving this thread, pizza tower OST is awesome

Floor 1: Cold Spaghetti, Dungeon Freakshow, Pepperman Strikes
Floor 2: Tombstone Arizona, Yeehaw Deliveryboy, Calzonification
Floor 3: Wednesdays, Tropical Crust, Wudpecker, Good Eatin, Extraterrestrial WahWahs, Pumpin Hot Stuff
Floor 4: Bite the Crust, Way of the Pig, Tubular Trash Zone, Pizza Engineer, Peppino's Sauce Machine, On The Rocks, Pizza Time Never Ends
(Basically all of) Floor 5 (except for Final Boss Hall and secret themes)

You can tell the inspiration some of the songs have, like dungeon freakshow takes heavy inspiration from intergalactic by beastie boys
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For the more vintage stuff if anyone here's a grunge fan I still highly recommend Smashing Pumpkins early albums (ie Mellon Collie and Siamese Dream). It's all very playful, childlike and beautiful while also having that distinct gritty downtuned guitar atmosphere grunge music has and it really means a lot to me.

In terms of more recent music, I still mostly listen to alternative rock these days, if anyone's here into hardcore metal I've really enjoyed Vile Erudition's newest album THIS LAND IS NOT FOR OUR KIND, a rockin' lo-fi grindcore release. I've also been listening to a lot of Sanctuary these days, particularly Forever. It's some really good metal and it's free of charge too if any of you like digital releases. There's also this black metal song i've been really into lately, Eternal Flames of Doom. It's just so relaxing.

In terms of less HARDCORE stuff, How To Disappear Completely's Midnight Elegies is a fantastic piece of dark ambient and has been on my media player for awhile. Burning Sun by Silence of the People is a really good piece of electronic too.

And of course, Alias Conrad Coldwood's Crying Girls is still one of the greatest pieces of electronic of all time, but it's not surprising considering it comes from the same guy who made the OST for the best RPG ever made.

For anyone who wants to get into good recent music, I highly recommend checking out Bandcamp these days. Back then in maybe 2020 or so the music on the site got really bad, horrible production for most songs I heard, but now that things have calmed down around Coronavirus and normies are leaving the internet for once the site's turned into a really good source to find indie music.
Punk/grunge/experimental embodies the spirit of wario
RIGHT? I straight up thought Toxic Landfill sampled Kyuss, particularly the songs Hwy 74 and Green Machine (yes Kyuss is grunge, Dave Grohl himself called them the future of grunge when they came out :])
on the topic of the edit i made to my pizza tower ost post, i started listening to beastie boys, and intergalactic, sabotage, and fight for your right go hard