What game/When did you become serious about gaming

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The first gaming experience thread kinda gave me this idea but how did you REALLY come to love games.

As for myself I've been fascinated by games as long as I can remember. I would curiously watch my older sibling play Super Metroid in some of my earliest memories and being too intimidated to touch it myself with the isolation and foreboding music. I would just play some Pac-Man if i got the chance and i say I was happy with that but that was just a child like interest, the passion wasn't really there yet. My love for games would build over time and remained a simple hobby for years. I was playing the DQV remake on my DS sometime a bit before the 3DS came out and I found myself really paying attention to what I liked about game design and how good the music is among other things, and it just clicked. I started to want to learn alot about the games I like and considering my age I figured i ain't stopping anytime soon so now I really really like games as oppose to regular really like them. I can't say DQV specifically made me feel this way though. I guess it was just timing really coming into adult hood and still carrying something with me.


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I kinda feel like this has happened multiple times with me. There were several games where I actually admired every detail of a game, and felt appreciation for the imagination of the developers.

This isnt the first time, but it was memorable. I certainly felt that way about Aidyn Chronicles for n64. I loved how they created such a big and diverse world in a video game. I liked the different races with their own history and culture. I even remembet like looking at the furniture they designed for buildings and thinking about how neat it was that they pieced each one together :p

It was way fun being able to explore a whole other world with that game, it definitely got me interested in big rpgs like that.

Its funny too, like Oblivion came out a few years after that game, but I think the overworld for Aidyn Chronicles is better. The landscape actually changes depending on what region youre in, where everything looks the same in Oblivion :p


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This game, army men air attack. Like with most games from this era dunno how I got them seems like I always had but anyways tried pretty hard to finish the game at times you had to like carry things around with you to bases. Very enjoyable just shooting things but isn't that what everyone wants in gaming now a days.



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When I was a little kid, the first game I ever beat was this 3ds platformer called Horrid Henry: The good, the bad and the bugly. It was so badly designed, the final boss was nails-hard to me at the time, but I saw it through anyway.
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Despite it being kind of an overhyped piece of shit gameplay-wise, Super Metroid.

If I even need to explain to you how much that game, in terms of world design, completely embodies the "video games as art" concept,

you probably haven't played it (or its surprisingly many amazingly well-done hacks, such as Eris, Z-Factor and Ancient Chozo) yet.