What Wario songs do you wish we could have in Smash Ultimate?


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My apologies if a thread like this exists already, but I was very curious as to which Wario songs you would like to hear in Smash, either as the originals or as remixes?

Personally, I'd love to hear the Shake King's theme, and possibly a remix containing all the boss themes from Shake It. Hurry Up could also probably get a really awesome remix. I'm also a sucker for Toxic Landfill's theme, and perhaps a mix of both WL2's regular and final boss themes. I'd like a lot of remixes of Master of Disguise boss music, as well.


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Crescent Moon Village, Greenhorn Ruins, the ending themes from Wario Land 2 and 3, Count Cannoli, Carpaccio and Terrormisu's boss themes and the better boss themes from Shake It (arguably the 2nd and 3rd ones).

Oh, and Toxic Landfill, etc. Seems very fitting for a fighting game.


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Super unlikely, but having a remixed version of the Wario Land 4 "Hurry Up" music during a Sudden Death match or any sort of timed battle would be awesome.


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I don't see this getting remixed too much.

I would prefer Wario Land 3 Medley with Out of the Woods/Tidal Coast(Sped Up like in WWG, because no)/Colossal Hole(Sped up as well)/Desert Ruins but that's too much to handle.

Just direct port could be enough, even if it would be super cut off to 2 min.


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These 4 for one.

It is truly appalling that none of these 4 are in the Smash series, They're not only some of the most iconic tracks in the Wario series in their own right, but they all just have this really tight connection to the character to where they're considered by many (Including myself) to be his theme tunes. Similar to how Donkey Kong has the old arcade theme and DK Island Swing and how Kirby has Gourmet Race and Green Greens and all that.

These 4 truly deserve to be in Smash and IMO should have been in there from the gecko
and the fact that they aren't is just damn near criminal.

Beyond that though...fuck i'll take god damn anything from the Wario platformers beyond Stonecarving City, the Land series and related platformers is in dire need of music represention badly. Seriously I'm not even asking for them to remix anything or what not, just a few tracks ripped straight from the games would totally be fine with me, Just...something!

As far as WarioWare goes though, the obivous desires are Wario de Mambo, Four Seasons and Body Rock
considering they're the only major WarioWare vocal tracks to not already be in Smash in some way (Though Drifting Away definitely deserves it's own track). If we're talking non vocal tracks though, I second @Glowsquid in wanting Ashley's Star Revolution and I would also love Wario Deluxe's theme to be in since I feel like that would be perfect for Smash. Also Dr Crygor's theme.

As I said though, I would take anything at this point, the Wario series (Especially Land) has so many great tracks under it's belt
which makes their absence even more glaring.
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