what was your favourite serie from Cartoon Network CLASSIC?


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My favourite was Courage the cowardly dog. I remember that episode when the Courage parents
were sent into space by the veterinarian cursed like a goat that was only for an experiment. I cried when I saw Courage among the dustbins crying as a baby ( the first time a cartoon made me cry )
But hey , I liked the series for its dark and paranormal themes. especially when there are monsters like You not perfect , blue monster.

This chapter reminded me of my dog and I could not help but embrace him : 'D

And what is your favourite classic show from classic Cartoon Network?


Foster's home for imaginary friends. I was kinda obsessed with it around a decade ago..... ......I also had a small crush on Frankie at the time. >_>

Also, the show where the red button was pressed and blew up the laboratory. And Omelette du fromage.


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Ed Edd and Eddy would probly be my favorite too : p But CN had a ton of great cartoons. I also liked Dexters Lab, Courage, Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends, Power Puff Girls, Johnny Bravo and I even actually kinda liked Kids Next Door : p CN had a ton of great shows.

Was What Ever Happened to Robot Jones CN or Nick? Kinda think it was Nick but cant remember. I really liked that show a ton though : p