What would Wario do!?!


Just a guy...
Why would Wario want to support and play the games
based on someone he's not really that fond of though? Unless he's involved with it or he wants to destroy them or whatever, I doubt he'll even bother
playing Plumber Boy's games most of the time.

Though just to play along.
He'll probably steal them outright and probably all of them,
So nobody can play them anymore, and then afterwards he'll destroy the copies he stole and then replace all the empty Mario shelves with Wario Land and Warioware games, thus forcing people to play and check his games out instead of Mario's, and because people bought them and realizing what they missed out on and the word spreaded, he finally becomes popular and iconic. With Mario falling into obscurity over time.
It's a genius plan i tell you! genius!
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