Where would you be if you weren't a Wario fan?


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Without Orbulon...

Hey, where are my negative ratings? Oh, maybe it has to be Ashley. Or maybe Orbulon just doesn't have a lot of bad or cringy fans. How about I say that Nintendo should do more with Orbulon, like make merch of him or put him in more games such as Mario Kart, or give him his own game? Still no negative ratings? Okay, whatever...

Its not that people liked ashley that caused such a fuss on this forum, but the behaviors of a specific ashley fanatic.

I dont think anyone cares if anyone likes ashley or not.


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I am not a Wario fan, I am a fan of Ashley and Ashley only.
I was introduced to WarioWare by Ashley, before then I didn't care for Wario that much. Still don't, I hope WarioWare doesn't drag Ashley back down into the dark abyss.

Now if Wario didn't exist that's a different story, which may mean Ashley wouldn't have come to be. So, that is what I am grateful for Wario's existence, leading into Ashley's.

Tl;dr The same, as Ashley is the only one that really matters to me in the Wario Franchise
Kind of weird you'd choose Wario Fourms when you don't care at all about him. But I won't complain.


Who dares disturb the flying dutchman?
No idea at all. I've been a huge fan of Wario since I was 5. (I have Mario Party 7 to thank.) I remember I used to mix up Wario and Luigi's names for a little while.

Without Maeio Party 7 I probably wouldn't be Montana's biggest Wario stan.

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But seriously, I really don't know. I guess I'd spend more time on other parts of the internet, looking for other series and playing different games.


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If I wasn't a Wario fan now? I have no idea where I'd be. If I had to wager a guess, my alternate universe counterpart would have missed out on meeting some good people, though a part of me wants to say he meets them by different means.

Beyond that? *shrugs*