Will we ever see Wario in the Mario RPGs?


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Whether that be Paper Mario, Mario & Luigi or something else in general?

I remember seeing loads of cool fan concepts for a Wario & Waluigi focused game in the 90s and 00s, but sadly it seems nothing like that ever became a thing. Why do these series tend to avoid our favourite anti hero anyway?

What do you think the chances of seeing him in an RPG are?
We knows the devs think about Wario when making these games. Super Mario RPG had concept art that showed Wario in a musketeer outfit. Booster had to be inspired by Wario with the nose, lazy eye, and viking helmet. They also gave Yoshi a Wario-equivalent with the same naming scheme in Japan.

M&L Superstar Saga had the cut Wario cameo, but his movie poster remained in the game and people found his sprites in the game files.

It seems they aren’t against the idea of Wario cameos and references, but for some reason it’s less likely we will see him as a boss or playable character in these games.
I had to share this cool fanart, because I love the idea of a Wario RPG where he teams up with his friends. We got a little bit of that in WarioWare: Get it Together too.

Yeah a full-blown Wario RPG would be very interesting to see indeed. Kinda hope it happens at some point!
Wario deserves his own game, whatever it may be, like a platformer or RPG. No Paper Mario skin would be doing it justice. M&L styled would be the way I could see it best, and with how many M&L games we have, they certainly wanted to sweep the idea of it under the rug. The inconvenient truth for the game we all wanted, but never knew we did.