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    Between 2008 and 2011, the Japanese magazine Dengeki Nintendo ran a gag strip based on Wario Land: SHake It alongside many other game mangos. The plot had Wario tagging along with a bandinero or something. It's never been collected anywhere and is obscure enough the only substantial information about it on the JP wikipedia page for Shake It. Here's a strip.


    I found out about it on Mariowiki: a page was created on June 7 but I only learned of it now.
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    Never heard of it till i saw this, cool!
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    Me neither! Wario in manga form is always a treat!
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    Looks decent. I hope someone archives all the pages and offers a translation.
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    Funnily enough I found this:
    a couple of months ago on Twitter, but didn't give it much thought, turns out there was a lot to it after all, how bout' that.
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    Seems interesting. Has anyone out there posted other issues online?

    Cause I'd love to see more media like this translated.

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