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  1. Glowsquid

    GO! Ketsu Wario

    Between 2008 and 2011, the Japanese magazine Dengeki Nintendo ran a gag strip based on Wario Land: SHake It alongside many other game mangos. The plot had Wario tagging along with a bandinero or something. It's never been collected anywhere and is obscure enough the only substantial information...
  2. warelander

    Welcome to Mario Kart!

    While I made a Mario Sports series' thread in the past I felt that Mario Kart should have one on it's own, since it is by far the most popular Mario Spin Off out there, so here we are. As for me, while I wish that the other spin off series' would get more attention I do love me some Mario Kart...
  3. barrylawn


    hello i am barrylawn. i join this site because i found it somehow and i am a fan of wario, so i might lurk around a while. i am also a fan of phoenix wright (as a whole) and professor layton, as well as other series.
  4. Koopaul

    [Poll] Who is stronger? Wario or Donkey Kong

    The thread! It seems these two are the burliest protagonists to cross paths. If they were to have a contest of strength, who would win?
  5. CM30

    Some sprites I'm surprised weren't ripped yet...

    The map tiles from Wario Land II! After all, there's even a giant picture of the map on Mario Wiki in perfect quality: http://www.mariowiki.com/File:WL2_Treasure_Map.png Yet neither Mario Fan Games Galaxy or Spriter's Resource have it, somehow. Nor does VG Maps. So here you go, knock...
  6. CM30

    Lots of cool Wario Ports from C3 2016!

    For those who don't know, C3 2016 is the convention for ROM hacks and fan games over at SMW Central. But one neat thing I didn't expect this year was quite a few Wario ports. For example, songs from Master of Disguise have now been ported. As have various Wario Land ones. Here are some samples...
  7. wariofer

    The most beautiful thing that you can do with Wario

  8. K

    The Developer Diaries of WarioWare Mega Microgames

    In February, warelander had posted a link for a site maintained by the WarioWare developers. It gives you profiles, diary entries, and other activities related to each of the original characters. Sadly, it's in Japanese, and we all know Google translate is far off from providing accurate...
  9. JoeKarta

    Fan Art! (Rhythm Heaven edition)

    A thread dedicated to sharing Rhythm Heaven fanart. http://guuguuguu.deviantart.com/art/Rhythm-Heaven-Tap-Trial-536919511 http://kidaura.tumblr.com/post/139251387524/i-got-rhythm-heaven-the-best-plus-interpreter-is https://twitter.com/shitamachimura/status/665743878557863937...
  10. BooDestroyer

    Did WarioWare "kill" Wario Land?

    (Note that "kill" is in quotations, thanks) There's been some debate about this (or has there?). Seeing that as soon as the R&D1 team (then SPD, and now part of EPD) started on the original WarioWare, all their focus has shifted from Wario Land to Ware, and they haven't made another Wario...
  11. Weario

    Wario's voice change

    You know, there was always something that has bothered me. It's that Wario's voice has changed over the years. I grew up with Wario's voice in games such as: Mario Power Tennis Wario World Wario Land 4 A good example is here (bit muffled sorry): But in the latest games his voice is so much...
  12. Crescent-Moon Villager

    [Fan Content] ~Guilty Pleasures~

    We have a Gaming Guilty Pleasures, so why not a vanilla one? Right now mine is the Sonic Boom cartoon. I genuinely and unironically enjoy it @_@ What about you?
  13. Mario123311

    Is Mario in a dark age?

    Sonic's been through about two of them now, Mega Man has been in one even though there is a bit of hope, Pac-Man is in one that will seemingly never end and now unfortunately it feels like Mario has fallen victim to a dark age. The reason I say this is because of the following games and the...
  14. Boris Carloft's Car Loft

    Pigmask's Music Thread of WA - VB Wario Land!

    Well, I'm probably gonna start making a lot of Wario related arrangements, WL4 soundfont stuff or whatever soon so I thought I might as well make a thread for it. For now, have this new song hue If you have a Wario song you'd like me to arrange, just request it here. However, I can't guarantee...
  15. SurrealBrain

    Random Posts of Goofiness

    Anything you wanna post? Anything on your mind? Any news to post? Anything you're doing? Any crazy random goofy thing? Then this thread is for you! This thread can be about anything!...as long as it doesn't already have a thread and/or you don't think it's good enough for its own thread, of...
  16. BooDestroyer

    Wario Super Star

    The last thread was kind of a mess as the ideas weren't fully in place, so let's start over. Pretty much a lot like Kirby Super Star, but you're playing as different characters in different levels, all with different missions. Some missions would be 1P only, but a few could be co-op. Here's...
  17. Pig

    It's me. Pig.

    Hey there. Haha, it's me, Pig. I've been away for a while, but now I'm back.
  18. Glowsquid

    obligatory "What vidcons are you playing????" thread

    Because we can't talk about Wario all the time, eh? ---- I'm rather glad I got New Super Mario Bros U as part of the MK8 free game promo, as I'm not overly impressed by it. Good level design can't mask the fact that over the course of four iterations, I've been playing games with largely...
  19. ShyGuyXXL

    Wario-related randomness

    Got something Wario-related you wanna share but it's so random and silly that you don't know where else to put it? This is the place! Videos, pictures, stories, as long as it's random and doesn't fit anywhere else.