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  • Merry Christmas and happy Wah-lidays, ya boi got Pizza Tower, Undertale, and the Master Chief Collection cuz I got a Steam gift card.
    I'm thinking of making a thread where the WTT crew reacts to ship art submitted by you guys (not specifically of them, but of a few fandoms, those will be listed in the post), if you comment, either comment why that's a dumbass idea, or whether to put that in the rp section, the ama section, the general wario section, or the gaming section
    tldr: wario and friends react to ship art submitted by fellow users, yes or no? and if yes, where?
    Miss Dreamy
    Miss Dreamy
    Hmm, I think that's a fun idea! I honestly love stuff like that ^^
    I think this sort of idea should be posted in the RP section
    i want to look for a wario dub of sonic x but if i'm afraid of what ungodly creations i'll find if i search "sonic x wario dub"
    (if you don't get it, (character a) x (character b) often refers to "ships", so it'd likely be a comic dub of wario and sonic in love, like wtf dawg)
    I updated gimp, art of my modded l4d teams coming soon
    (not good art necessarily)
    Baker Man
    Baker Man
    here the art is


    (L4D1: Bill = Wario (self-explanatory), Francis and Louis = Sans and Papyrus (Undertale), Zoey = Cosmo (Sonic X), L4D2: Coach = Big Smoke (GTA), Nick = Sonic (again, self-explanatory), Ellis = Dante (Devil May Cry), Rochelle = Kirby (for the third time, self-explanatory)
    I made the sound for closing a program Wario saying "Get outta here!", and I was watching Max0r's MGR video, and Raiden reached into Armstrong's chest right when a program closed in the background, so he landed the (almost) final blow, and then at the same time, Wario yelled "Get outta here!"
    just made cover art for wario teaches typing, check it out

    (nothing in wtt belongs to us so that's why i removed the copyright symbol)
    have you guys seen that new ovh ad?
    it's pretty much a spiritual successor to the dietz nuts commercial
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