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    Why is Wario's strength so inconsistent?

    I have a headcanon that Wario gets his strength and durability from working out, and the reason he is weak in the WarioWare series is because he’s always busy with his company. For spinoffs, he usually is a high power character, but always in the cinematic included, they make him look like a...
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    Nintendo E3 2019

    E3 was cool and good :WLThumbsUp:
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    Best Wario Game?

    You are all wrong. The only REAL Wario game is Wario Blast.
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    What do you want in WarioWare Switch?

    The old art style should return.
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    Wario Related Dreams

    Had a dream I was watching a Nintendo themed cartoon in which a bunch of Nintendo characters had to stay in a disaster shelter because of a tsunami. It was oddly upbeat, and Wario was the shelter chef and main character. He had a bucket full of garlic powder and garlic decorated his kitchen. He...
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    Fixing Wario In Smash Bros

    You could also fix Wario by making some of his attacks based off of his forms in Wario Land.
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    What new transformations could a Wario Land 5 come out with?

    Sick Wario. Able to use a sneeze attack. Could be used for a puzzle involving a fan of some sort.
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    [Fan Content] (FANMADE) Baby Ashley electronic toy

    Wow. These forums get more "interesting" every day.
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    Unpopular Video Game Opinions

    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon is better than the regular series.
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    If Wario is a businessman, why does he live in a small house/appartment/whatever humble beginning?

    Wario just buys new living spaces because he's that rich. Either that or when he trashes his old place from doing one of his great schemes, or just from being unwilling to tidy up, he doesn't bother cleaning and buys a new place instead.
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    Does Smash Bros confirm Master of Disguise is a Wario Land game?

    You are all wrong. Mario and Wario, if you consider it a Wario game, is the worst. You'd think it's about Mario and Wario teaming up, but no, Wario throws a bucket on Mario's head, and that's it.
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    Wario's Spoils

    Wario tends to leave behind his many places of residence. I wouldn't be surprised if the bank claimed his castle and all the treasure in it by now.
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    How strong is Wario?

    I feel like spinoffs (minus Smash) especially Mario Party and Sports ones portray Wario as more of a macho greedy guy, which is what Wario should be like, of course with enough crude humor to be silly, but not overdoing it.
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    How strong is Wario?

    Wario in smash is a representation of WarioWare Wario, and they made him have many weak hitting moves (Aside from Waft and Shoulder Bash). To really represent him as a WW rep, they made him move surprisingly fast, but personally, I believe he should be strong for his smash appearance.