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    Official Waluigi Thread

    This just makes me wanna see mocked up sprites of Waluigi in all the various Wario Land II forms heh
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    I think Panic Bomber could have made a good VB Wario puzzle game

    I think that, like Wario Blast before it, Panic Bomber could have made a nice Wario game in the localization process. It's got the quirkiness, the oddities, and you could have replaced the explicitly Bomberman characters with like Birdo and such.
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    Official Waluigi Thread

    Oh! I really dig that Waluigi sprite!
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    ROM Hack: Wario Land 3: The Master Quest!

    Amazing work! Always fun to see a hack develop over time :)
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    How did Wario meet those characters from Wario's Woods?

    One of them appears to be the same species as Tatanga, so perhaps introductions were made?
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    How should future Wario Land games do map screens?

    To be fair, it would probably be some random WarioWare microgame instead
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    Will Super Smash Bros for Switch feature more Wario content?

    Considering early rumors have been that the Switch Smash Bros will be, for now, a bit fo a game of the year edition of Smash For with all the stuff from both the 3DS and WiiU versions plus some stuff that was cut for hardware limitation reasons, likely answer is no, we get nothing.
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    How should future Wario Land games do map screens?

    I want DKC3 style map exploration. Not necessarily in a Wario game, just in general. But I really think Wario could benefit from it. For vehicles, you could start with the dingy from the intro to SML3 and work your way up to the Bulldog as you find parts to repair it and such while exploring...
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    Were some "Wario people" involved in Super Mario Run?

    What were the shoutouts in MP10?
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    Anyone play The Other Brothers?

    The Other Brothers came out on iOS some years back (2013ish?) and was supposed to come out on PC & Mac, but, yeah I don't think that ever happened. Anyway, it's clearly meant to be Wario & Waluigi with just enough deniability to avoid Nintendo suing them a new asshole. In my...
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    Best Wario-themed Romhacks/Conversions?

    Oh my god! That looks amazing! It's cancelled you say?! Damn...
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    What should the story be for the next WarioLand game.

    Wario 3D Land. Wario, Waluigi, Syrup, and a uniquely colored D.D. must brave a surreal set of SM3DL/W style levels comprising Diamond City and its surrounding environs, not to save the city from the machinations of Rudy the Clown, but as revenge because he hijacked their plan to take it over...
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    Best Wario-themed Romhacks/Conversions?

    I can't believe I forgot to put this on the list! Waluigi Pinball (hack of Pinball for the NES)
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    Best Wario-themed Romhacks/Conversions?

    Browsing through various hacks, looking for "new" Wario stuff to play. So far, I've found a ton of "just edit Mario to look like Wario" hacks, but there are a few standouts. The best ones so far, IMO, are as follows: Wario Bwast (hack of Bomberman for the NES) Pretty straightforward...
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    Is Rhythm Heaven "killing" WarioWare?

    Is it really "overshadowing" if it's been a full decade since the last WarioLand and almost as long since the last proper WarioWare? I mean, yeah, there was Game & Wario (a mear half decade ago), but that's been it. That's the only Wario-branded game since 2009. Whereas in that time Tengoku has...