Best Wario-themed Romhacks/Conversions?


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Browsing through various hacks, looking for "new" Wario stuff to play.

So far, I've found a ton of "just edit Mario to look like Wario" hacks, but there are a few standouts.

The best ones so far, IMO, are as follows:

Wario Bwast (hack of Bomberman for the NES)

Pretty straightforward, noteworthy for being a Wario Blast fanhack, instead of a Land game.

Dr. Wario (hack of Dr. Mario for NES)

Pretty straightforward spritehack inspired by the WarioWare minigame

Warioland 2 (hack of Kirby's Adventure)

I wouldn't have thought to hack Kirby of all things into Wario, but you know what, it works.

Wario Land SNES (hack of Super Mario World that converts it into SML3:WL)

This one looks extremely thorough, btw. My only complaint is that the powerups aren't straight up conversions, instead the eagle cap gives you the cape, dragon cap gives you the fire flower, etc. The world map edits are an especially nice touch!

Anyone have any others they're fans of?

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look up WarioLand 64, there should be downloads for early test versions, though i'm not sure they're still up.

To rub salt into the wound the wound this was already well into the WarioLand drought.