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    WL4: Finished High Quality Intro Song with all samples!

    "Deow Bass" I like it. I wanted to know what to call that distinct sound.
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    Nintendo basically brought back the Jet Hat in Super Mario Maker 2...

    In Super Mario World you could move in all directions but it was slow and floaty. It would slowly go upwards if you didn't touch your controller, but moving it downwards is neccessary for the level "Tubular".
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    Wario chose to be an orphan?

    Its totally a sequel though. They acknowledge the events of the first game in it. Also, once again we assume that because we don't see the Stork return baby Wario home that he became an orphan but we have absolutely no evidence to suggest that this happened. The stork doesn't leave. It stays...
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    Wario chose to be an orphan?

    Yoshi's Island DS? You mean that sceme where Baby Wario wanders off with some bandits at the end. That doesn't mean he didn't eventually go back to his parent(s). It's too ambiguous to know what eventually happened to Wario.
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    Wario Land inspired game Slamhammer!

    Believe it or not I still try to work on this in my spare time. Here's some art for an enemy called Globlins. Globlins are monsters commonly seen inside caves. These slimy pests are more annoying than threatening. They carve their nests in cave ceilings and drip down when they detect an enemy...
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    There's actually some crossover with Mario Wiki and Wario Forum members. Point is, it'd be nice to have these translations on the Wario Forums for this community to see and comment on.
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    Um... Alright. Anyone want to take over?
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    What was going on with Wario Deluxe anyway?

    It could all be a visual gag. When Simba starts singing about being king in the animated Lion King, the whole area takes on a totally new stylistic theme to match the tone of the song and Simba's visions of granduer. It could be that all of this is merely a visual representation of how Wario and...
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    Thoughts on yesterday's Nintendo Direct?

    It was your typical Direct. People were really hyping this one for some reason. Guys, most Nintendo Directs are just okayish.
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    [Poll] Should the sound room in Wario Land 4 have had those unique songs?

    I thought the whole thing was hilarious. When I got my first CD in WL4 I expected it to be the track from that stage. But instead it was a bunch of bizarre sound effects. I was laughing my 13 year old ass off!
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    What do you think about of grow old the characters?

    Super Mario 3D World showed us that you can have a regular Mario game without Peach being kidnapped. Bowser just kidnapped someone else. You could do that from now on. I think people would prefer that. We're pretty sick of the Peach getting kidnapped thing.
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    What do you think about of grow old the characters?

    Here you go. Would it though? Mario hasn't been the humble plumber in years. To quote Pauline, he's a "Superstar" who has entire amusement parks built in his name in-universe. He's a famous...
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    What do you think about of grow old the characters?

    There are characters that never grow old but have time jumps. Mario was once a baby and then he grew up. So aging happens only when they want it to happen. As for Mario getting married in Odyssey? It was something the some of the concept artists actually considered before it was scrapped. I...
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    Wario Land inspired game Slamhammer!

    I'm actually learning how to use Game Maker. Let's see where this goes. In the meantime here's more art for the first world. In the Land of Gluttony you'll find lots of delectable monsters. Here are a few. Cupcreep: Scurries from side to side. Apparently can't see where it's going but knows...