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    Wario Land 4 'Hot Take'

    Oh shoot I could have sworn in Wario Land 3 you could use coins to play a minigame that unlocked a final level just like Wario Land 2. I guess not. Yeah Wario Land 3 is the worst then. But I would still argue that 4 is not that good. You use them to play minigames similarly to WL2, but instead...
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    Wario Land 4 'Hot Take'

    Wario Land 4 hot takes? Okay. Out of all the Wario Lands this one has the worst use for coins. Actually, is that really a hot take? Seems more like a fact.
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    Wario in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

    There's not really much potty humor since he only has one move that involves such a thing. It's two things: 1. Most of his animations are goofy and stupid looking. 2. His appearance does not look tough in the slightest. He looks like a joke. You can fix 1 a lot by giving him a normal running...
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    If they make a warioware game for the switch.....

    Nintendo doesn't need to make a game for Wario Land fans. They need to make a Wario Land game that appeals to fans AND will have general appeal. I mean, how did Wario become popular to begin with? I'd say have a good marketing campaign and do something to with Wario that will really stand out...
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    Wario in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

    I was very happy in the ways they fixed Wario. But at the same time I still wish they changed just a bit more. I'd like his body and arms to be slightly larger so that he doesn't look as short and squat (it doesn't have to be much, just a little). I'd also like it if his forward throw was his...
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    [Poll] Games you're most excited for in 2019?

    Good question. I guess it's a toss up between Luigi's Mansion 3 and Link's Awakening. It should have been Pokémon Sword/Sheild but that ended up being a disaster.
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    Wario Forums is Now Affiliated with Mario Fan Games Galaxy!

    I think it's fine to be affiliated with them. Don't let some bad members ruin the fact we are now affiliated with a prolific site. Maybe we can collaborate on some Wario related projects?
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    Thoughts on this video on WarioWare Gold's Chaotic Design?

    Ashley didn't make Kat & Ana redundant, but Young Cricket did. Or I should say, Young Cricket feels redundant. Both of their stories seem to involve some sort of action adventure or training. But my problems with the cast is another topic. This should be about gameplay since that's what the...
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    WarioWare Switch leaked?

    WarioWare on the Switch is inevitable... Unless Gold's sales were so poor that Nintendo decided to kill the series.
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    Wario Land inspired game Slamhammer!

    I'm back! I've been very busy so I haven't had time to add anything to the topic. Here's some concept art of Orek Slamhammer and some upgrades to his gear. Leather Helmet: The helmet you start with. Can break wooden crates and crumbly rocks with your head. Fur Gloves: The gloves you start...
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    Oh are you on there too? Sorry if I didn't know, I'm not n the Wario Forums frequently enough.

    Oh are you on there too? Sorry if I didn't know, I'm not n the Wario Forums frequently enough.
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    Thank you

    Thank you
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    Wario Land inspired game Slamhammer!

    I'm sorry... What?
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    Wario Land inspired game Slamhammer!

    I would want to be involved in it's development. If I sold it, I'd probably lose all say in the project.
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    Super Smash Bros. Assist Trophy to Fighter

    I'm back with the next character Dr. Wright from SimCity! Dr. Wright constructs buildings, roads, and power plants to damage opponents and obstruct the battlefield. Neutral Special: Building Dr. Wright summons a building in front of him. It shoots up from the ground, launching foes. The...