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    New Luigi's Mansion?

    Ah! I see. Thanks.
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    New Luigi's Mansion?

    Why is this in the Crossover Games section? We don't even know if Wario or Waluigi are in it.... And, let's face it, they probably aren't.
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    Bowsette and the Super Crown

    Gijinka's have been popular with weebs and Japanese people. This is the first time it's reached news outlets in the West. Normies know about this! :eek:
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    Bowsette and the Super Crown

    So is this the first time gijinka became mainstream?
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    Would you be OK with Gold being the last game?

    If Gold is the last game they better do something else with Wario. Anything.
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    Should the Gold designs stay for future games?

    Yeah I wonder if the simplified stype of Gold was to just make it easier to have them in cutscenes? Or it's just Ko Takeuchi's new style and the devs gave him complete freedom to design the characters how he likes.
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    Radio Baseball Game Transcript (WW: Twisted)

    Holy cow is not really an expression that is used very often anymore but it is very much ingrained in our culture. Everyone has heard it on television, movies, and even in real life. Other popular ones are "Holy Moley!" and "Holy Mackerel!" It's kind oif like "Mamma Mia!" in Italian but you'd...
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    So, did Wario lose his castle?

    You mean a garage? Like this one? The kind that would be attached to a house? Like this one?
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    Radio Baseball Game Transcript (WW: Twisted)

    What country are you from?
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    Radio Baseball Game Transcript (WW: Twisted)

    "Holy cow" is a common phrase. "Holy god" is not. Unless you are at church.
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    Wario headcanons?

    Wario Master of Disguise was all in Wario's head. His machine didn't actually work and he merely dreamt the whole thing.
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    What do you want in WarioWare Switch?

    Some things not yet said. 1. One unified gameplay style. Ever since Twisted/Touched (depending on your region) microgames have been separated by gameplay style rather than themes. Gold has a mixture of both but I'd like the return of the original WarioWare's setup of giving every character a...
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    Share your Wario Land remixes/covers here!

    I only ask you this because at some point in the future I want to make a spiritual successor to Wario Land and I really want similar sounding music for the game. I am looking around for talent and I'm just curious what you can do for original arrangements.
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    Share your Wario Land remixes/covers here!

    Oh! You certainly got the sound down! Have you ever tried to make your own original Wario Land 4 styled songs with these? I kind of want to imagine if they made more Wario Land games and maintained that wonderful style and sound from WL4.
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    Warioware Gold Discussion

    Yeah for some odd reasons the button mashing games are easier when things are sped up. I bet they wanted people to be able to beat them even when the speed is high so they make it that you have to mash the button less times. But I feel like they over did it and the games become easier when it's...