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  • Sometimes I think about how many weird doppelgangers/parallel rivals exist in the Mario Universe.
    Mario has Wario and Foreman Spike.
    Luigi has Waluigi
    Yoshi has Boshi
    Bowser has Midbus and Dark Bowser
    Wario even has the Shake King, whose design parallels Wario's.
    Jimmy T. has Jimmy P.
    That's not even all of them.
    Just finished the Shovel Knight: King of Cards DLC this week. I had no idea when I bought Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove, that it would include this Wario-inspired adventure. It was the icing on the cake for an already great game. I still got to play the other DLCs.
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    Just a Wario Fan
    Just a Wario Fan
    Congratulations on finishing the game! King of Cards is my favourite Shovel Knight campaign. And yes, it's very obviously inspired by Wario Land, but that only makes it even better! The clever combination between platforming and the tactical game of Joustus was an excellent choice too.
    Don't forget to also play the Shovel Knight: Showdown! DLC, and the other two Shovel Knight games from outside the Treasure Trove collection: Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon and the recently released Shovel Knight Dig.
    Played Dr. Mario 64 for the first time yesterday. This is the closest we've ever gotten to getting Captain Syrup playable in a game, since most of the roster is made of Wario Land enemies.
    Just a Wario Fan
    Just a Wario Fan
    I know. Pretty cool, huh? Now let's hope that she'll become truly playable in a Wario game one day. C:D
    I pasted a bunch of art on an empty template Switch case.
    This may just be nostalgia talking, but I want to see a sequel to this. I love the idea of Wario teaming up with Mario and others to fight a greater evil.

    It would've been cool if they added the Diamond City track, from the arcade Mario Kart, in the MK8 Booster Pass DLC.

    Honestly, I would rather have a new Diamond City course instead, one with a less overly simple and more interesting layout, as well as better music.
    Hi, how did you buy that ''Diamond City Insider'' label under your name?
    Yellow Pyoro
    Yellow Pyoro
    Click on your name then go to "account upgrades." I tried out the monthly plan because I thought I needed it to post a poll question. I still don't how to list the answers to a poll, so I used a StrawPoll instead.
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