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  1. Spam

    Wario in Rivals of Aether (Smash-Like Game)

    Me and a few friends of mine came together awhile ago to create a Wario mod for Rivals of Aether, a Smash like fighting game on Steam that was meant to revitalize the character and in more Wario Land content. And so after a month of tinkering, coding, and drawing, he's finally done! This Wario...
  2. hubworld23

    Pitch For A Captain Syrup/WarioLand Game!

    Hey Guys, I Have A Pitch For A Captian Syrup/Wario Land Game Tell Me What You Guys Think In The Comments!;) The Story: One Night While Gettin' Tons Of Loot From His Adventure Wario Decides To Take A Nap To Save Up Some Energy For His Next Adventure... Until Captian Syrup Whole Was Bring Some...
  3. Scyhh

    Video Game Rap Battles - Wario Vs Shadow (Thoughts?)

    So a few days ago a channel called Video Game Rap Battles uploaded a rap battle between Wario and Shadow. This is one is another installment in their Mario vs Sonic series (Previous ones being Mario Vs Sonic, Luigi Vs Tails and Bowser Vs Eggman). I think the winner is obvious. Here's a link to...
  4. calebtheg33k

    Wario World HD Texture Pack

    Hello everyone, I made an HD texture pack for Wario World on the GameCube to be used with the Dolphin emulator. I'll post the trailer and the screenshots, if you're interested in playing it and learning a little more visit the dolphin post here...
  5. Jobless Music

    [Fan Content] Jobless Tuber Music's OC

    Hi, everyone! I really don't know if this has been already made, so please forgive me! Anyway, this thread is for songs I've created all by myself from scratch! Please tell me your initial thoughts! This song, in particular, has no name as of yet. It's my own Pokemon Trainer Battle theme and I...