1. Miss Dreamy

    Ask me silly questions

    I thought this would help people get to know me a little bit more Plus I love questions and answering them! So ask me anything! Just please no NSFW questions Other than that have fun asking away!
  2. TreeRoot

    How do i get there?

    How do i get in there?
  3. TreeRoot

    Pink coins in WarioWare gold

    How much does one Pink coin in WarioWare gold worth? If that's actually what they do.
  4. X

    Who are your favorite greedy bastards in video games, besides Wario himself? (mild spoiler warning)

    Just to name the top 11 most obvious examples IMO: Ultimate Supreme Executive Chairman Drek (Ratchet & Clank 1): While he may have been considerably humanized by the game's (incredibly lame) PS4 reboot, Chairman Drek was absolute pure evil incarnate back in the original 2002 version of R&C...
  5. tahutoa

    Music-related: where can I find the flute from WW inc.

    I wanna get my hands on the WW flute/clarinet type instrument, because so many songs from the game feature it (or in failing that, an sf2 for Inc. assuming it exists by now). Preferably without having to go through all fifty jillion presets for Twisted :orbulonoh:. And on that note, uhhh @Robin...