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  1. Charcoal

    Reviews on Warioware: GIT

    (WARNING) Everything i say is all based to my opinion, and if you disagree with it, that's fine. Hello, i'm a newbie at WarioForums, so please greet me properly. So, by the release of WW: GIT, i was kinda excited by the continuation of the WarioWare's Franchise, but there seems to have less...
  2. Egg Salad!

    Waluigi and Jimmy

    You've probably heard this question before, "Why are Jimmy and Waluigi so similar? Are they the same person?" But today, we're REALLY gonna dive deep into this question and see how similar Waluigi and Jimmy really are BASIC SIMILARITIES: There are quite a few, but here are the most notable...
  3. Jobless Music

    [Upcoming Game] Nintendo wants us to make a game!

    Hi hi, yes yes. Nintendo and Daddy sakurai wants us to make a game, let's get going chop chop. Here's a video with more information bye bye a go-go
  4. Count Cannoli

    Show us your Wario Merchandise!

    Wario has alot of Merchandise and i'm curious what you have. So Post what Wario Stuff you have! (Merchandise of other Wario Characters counts to) (Games excluded)