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  1. Wario Amiibo Sketch

    Wario Amiibo Sketch

    A test image
  2. thegoodguyslose

    Gold... IN CHARTS!

    I like seeing things in charts! Here's just about all the microgames organized by what game they were taken from. Source here! Made in Google Sheets. Some notes: These stats include boss stages. I may update this thread with a chart just about bosses in the future. I also added Wario...
  3. thegoodguyslose

    Gold's Other Dubs

    Please excuse me if this thread has already been made! But I wanted to post something about it so we as a forum can compile clips of notable parts from other dubs of WarioWare Gold that we find, and discuss what we think about the voices. Here's Wario in Japanese (intro cutscene): I...
  4. MeowTheFronk

    German Orbulon is depressing.

    I got help from a friend on extracting the WWG voiceclips from the romfs, so I decided to rip Orbulon's german voice. Orbulondiy:: It's both the cutest thing ever, but also really depressing. You can watch the video here.
  5. CM30

    WarioWare WarioWare Gold: All Ashley Voice Clips 2018-09-28

    Ashley's voice clips from WarioWare Gold.
  6. LucasInk

    [Poll] Favorite Challenge Mode (Gold)

    What is you favorite Challenge on WarioWare Gold
  7. Broski3215

    [Upcoming Game] Reviews for WarioWare Gold

    Reviews for WarioWare Gold have been looking pretty good so far: 8/10 - Game Informer 8.5/10 - Gaming Boulevard 8.5/10 - Nintendo World Report “Liked” Rating - GameXplain 32/40 (8/10) - Famitsu 7.5/10 - Jeuxvideo.com But, there have been some more average ratings given to the game too: 7/10...
  8. Broski3215

    [Upcoming Game] Hidden game mode in WarioWare Gold

    When all souvenirs have been collected, a new game mode called Wario Kard gets unlocked. In this mode, you can create decks of the character cards you have collected and use them in card battles against foes. More cards can be earned from the Shuffler, a feature which puts you through arcade...
  9. Broski3215

    [Upcoming Game] Interesting phone calls in WarioWare Gold

    There are three in-game phones unlockable in the Toy Room and they can be used to dial up codes which are also unlockable. While many of the calls are just plain random, some of them actually interested me and I feel as if they would interest others on here too. Here are the calls which I...
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    5-Volt alt

  11. Spitz alt

    Spitz alt

  12. Mike Alt

    Mike Alt

  13. Ashley alt 2

    Ashley alt 2

  14. Young Cricket alt

    Young Cricket alt

  15. Dark Lord Hun-Gree

    Dark Lord Hun-Gree

  16. Orbulon alt

    Orbulon alt

  17. Red alt.png

    Red alt.png

  18. Penny Alt

    Penny Alt

  19. Dr Crygor Alt

    Dr Crygor Alt

  20. More WarioWare Gold Artwork

    More WarioWare Gold Artwork

    From a Japanese magazine, of course.