warioware oc

  1. Miss Dreamy

    The New WarioWare Inc Employee!

    I would like to introduce everyone to my special Oc, her name is Molly! I haven’t had her for a long time sadly, I think she is about 1 month old, so I made her somewhere around April. I got a lot of info and art for her so hope she is interesting enough to get a read on because trust me this is...
  2. Miss Dreamy

    Hello Hello!

    Hi! I am a new member of the Wario Forums! My name is Dreamy, but I also go by Doodle, but I preferred to be known as Dreamy! I am an artist/cartoonist and a big fan of the Wario series! (Mainly Warioware) I struggle to talk about my interests in the Wario series so I thought joining here would...
  3. SpiritNightz99

    The Woolly Palace Stories

    I am making a series called The Woolly Palace Stories, which is about my OC Scooter and his encounters with guests on his café /pub. Often, they are Warioware characters and such, but i am also gonna do my OC's and such. Anyways, i did the first story with Wario ( It is obvious why ). Please...
  4. SpiritNightz99

    Wario/Warioware OC’s

    Hullo! I am just wondering...do you have any OC’s? Or wario OC’s or something similiar? Just wondering, since i can post some pics of my Warioware OC’s here, and you can also post some of yours aswell! Idk, i am bored and i wanted to post something fun. Example, here is my oc Maria. I mostly...