Do you want to see Wario in more regular Mario platformers?

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After debuting as the main antagonist of Super Mario Land 2, Wario's platformer appearances were usually relegated to his own spinoff games. But there've been a few exceptions, namely Super Mario 64 DS and Yoshi's Island DS, both of which featured Wario as a playable character (although only in a few stages in the latter's case).

So I ask you, would you guys like to see Wario appear in another mainline Mario (and/or Yoshi) title, playable or otherwise? His appearances in the main series platformers have been pretty infrequent, but I for one enjoy them, and would totally be down for seeing more of Wario appear in Mario's adventures.

I think a game with a focus on multiplayer, like a sequel to Super Mario 3D World, could be a perfect place to add more selectable characters - including Wario, Waluigi, etc. A 3D World-esque game, where you can easily swap out characters for each stage, could be an easy, no-fuss way to implement characters who usually aren't playable in the Mario platformers. (On the contrary, I don't think having a bunch of other playable characters would be too well-suited to a more open-ended game like Odyssey, for example.)

But how about you? Want Wario to make another appearance in a Mario platformer, or should his involvement with Mario be kept to the kart/sports/party games like it usually is? Give us your thoughts!


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Well duh, Of course I want to see Wario in a mainline Mario game again.
NPC, playable character, boss, whatever, anything regarding Wario in a mainline Mario game againw ould be glorious to see.

Now as for how I would do it, I'll probably make it similar to Knuckles from S3&K and Protoman from MM3,
where he's a pest that constantly hinders your progress, and you butt heads with a few times before having to team up at the end to stop the bigger threat. (Either Bowser or some other big time villain.)

Also he could have his own campaign ala Luigi in SMG1 where it plays similarly to the first two Wario Land's with the hats replacing the traditional power ups (Aside from the Starman.) and the level design being modified to suit Wario's abilities.
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Apparently someone leaked Nintendo's e3 presentation: An update will be added into Super Mario Odyssey, will feature Wario and Waluigi plus Luigi as playable characters with their own worlds, I highly doubt that because Luigi is already in the game as a NPC, who will take his place if he becomes playable? His stunt double? As for Wario and Waluigi, different philosophies, but then both Nintendo teams are merged into one and Waluigi is definitely Nintendo's property.
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