Favorite fictional characters?


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Mr. Plinkett
The Fonz
Joel Olsteen
Filthy Frank
The Alchemist from the book titled "The Alchemist"
Mr. Gatsby (The Great Gatsby)
Simon (Lord of the Flies)
The Trademaster (The Giver Quartet [book series])
Lucas (Mother 3)
Near (Death Note)
Gendo Ikari (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
Yamato Hotsuin (SMT: DS2 Animation)


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Nobody ever said it can't be our own! So mine's Star. Most likely because I feel he's relatable in some ways (If you count getting you parent's organ getting ripped out of their bodies relatable).


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Okay, Sonic has been a character i loved for a very long time, (Even before i played his games.) he is very expressive in terms of character and is very energetic, he never lets things get to him and likes to roll with the flow, and tries to enjoy life to the fullest, and is always waiting for the next challenge upon him, and he always wants to do what's right, and doesn't beileve in what's good or bad, And despite his cocky nature at times, he always cares about those close to him, (Especially Tails.) hell he even cares about Eggman to an extent. he is just a fun, cocky, and very expressive Hedgehog. and even when he is mute, (Like Classic in Generations.) he still brings a shit ton of personality to the table. and that's what makes him so loveable to me, his personality, he's laidback, cool, fun loving, he cares about those in need, and will always try to do what's right most of the time. and he is so god damn expressive, from his waiting animations showing annoyance to his iconic nike smile, Sonic has always been a very expressive and animated character. (Not counting 06.)
So yeah, that's Sonic, he is my favorite fictional character, and he will always be my favorite at this point. (Even through his misteps.)


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Well I've put this off for some time and now I've been thinking about it for so long that I might as well do it or else I'll ever get it off my mind. So, time to make probably the largest post I've ever made on this site. These aren't like my top 10 favorites of all time but they are the ones I can write the most on.
Now, to get the obvious out of the way...

Ringo Andou - あんどうりんご- Puyo Puyo series
This is a tough one to explain to be honest. You know how there's some characters that you just know that you like? Well, that's how it is with Ringo for me. I had a strong previous interest in Puyo before but this character is what really solidified my interest in the series. That being said, she's sort of an artifact when it comes to my current views on the series. Her debut also came along with some changes to the direction of the series that looking back I don't think were the best choices for the series. As much as I like her I would be willing to trade away her existence for better direction for the series if that's what it would take.

Toadette- キノピコ- Super Mario series
Don't really feel like explaining myself again. Basically another artifact of a favorite from my childhood that I still like.

Now, onto something a bit different...

Robin Mask - ロビンマスク - Kinnikuman series
I'm just gonna be honest and say I'm a bit of sucker for the bad guy turning good trope. Not only that but also when they're still just as a cool as a good guy if not even more. Robi Mask the wrestler version of a chivalric knight, is a bit of a cliche but still a really cool character. Starts off as a fake gentleman who fights for his own own reasons, he becomes a true gentleman who fights for justice and friendship and is one of the most dependable characters in the series.

Ramenman - ラーメンマン - Kinnikuman series
Honestly a really similar character to Robin Mask and thus I like him for mostly the same reasons as him as well. Initially fights for bloodlust, ends up turning a new leaf once defeated and also becoming one of the most proficient technical fighters and also dependable characters in the series.

Squid Girl - イカ娘 - Shinryaku?! Ika Musume
Here's a character that I just find to be a riot from an easygoing and fun series. Her series is honestly sort of generic but still she's a very funny and likeable character and makes the series really worth getting into.

Misery - Ruby Gloom
Here's a character from a rather obscure Canadian cartoon from some time ago. I would say it's quite a diamond in a rough aside from a couple instances that remind you that you're watching a Canadian cartoon (heheh). Misery is probably the stand out of that cartoon as she already comes with built-in sympathy in that she has eternal bad luck in the series. That being said her fairly optimistic attitude towards her bad luck as well as her deadpan snarker tendencies make her easily likable. The few times she does show genuine happiness do make for brief heartwarming moments.

Tien Shinhan/Tenshinhan - 天津飯 - Dragon Ball series
Another bad-guy-turned-good-guy, Tien is one of the more overlooked characters in the series. He starts off as a cocky and dirty fighter who eventually reforms into an honorable warrior. By the time Dragon Ball Z rolls around he becomes a mostly inconsequential character but still very admirable. He is completely outclassed by the newer threats but nevertheless like a true warrior still does whatever he can to not go down without a fight. Him holding off Imperfect Cell is one of my favorite scenes in the series.

Yuyuko Saigyouji -西行寺 幽々子 - Touhou Project series
The Touhou Project series is shmup that is actually well known online for its unique music, interesting characters, and deep lore. Of those characters, Yuyuko is my favorite for exemplifying some of the best things from the series. Great character design that lends itself to a lot of good fanart, awesome themes, an interesting backstory for a shmup, and a whimsical, enjoyable presence in the series.

Now these last 2 characters are from the Danganronpa series. Danganronpa is a series I highly recommend, however, if you want to find out more about the characters, be warned that you'll likely run into spoilers that will really ruin the series for you. If you want to find out about the series it's best to look up the series itself and not the characters and don't read too deeply beyond synopses. Even just so much as googling a character's name with instant suggestions active can ruin everything. My descriptions are free of spoilers but be warned if you want to find out more, I would recommend checking the series out for yourself than reading up on it.

Sakura Oogami - 大神 さくら - Danganronpa series
Another fighting warrior kind of character (I sure like those, huh?), I found Sakura to be a very comforting character to have around in a chaotic game like Danganronpa. Always levelheaded and polite, also quite pure of heart as well. A bit of a cliche and not very deep character, I still really liked her nonetheless.

Hiyoko Saionji - 西園寺 日寄子 - Danganronpa series
Quite a multilayered character. On the surface looks innocent and angelic but has quite the acidic tongue. Even then, there is still more to her.
Phew, this is quite a long post, not sure if anyone will really bother to read it all but I enjoyed writing it out.

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