For Convenience, these Wario Games are also Cameo Titles...


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Do eastereggs count as a cameo? It ain't Wario but it still is Nintendo related.

Yes, an easter egg is a secret that can be all sorts of things, usually a detail that makes reference to other sources, or sometimes just something random, out of place from the rest of the game.
It's a cameo of appearence of Mario characters in the form of a "hidden secret"/"easter egg".


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I hate it when that happens. Someone bumps an old topic, and you can't tell who's actually active.

But hey, he visits regularly. Maybe he'll answer tomorrow.


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I get notifications whenever someone quotes me or rates a post or whatever. So I did see this.

I just want it to be clear there is a distinct difference between a cameo, a crossover, and a reference.

I didn't make up these rules. This is how it really is. A cameo is just a brief appearance by a character that has no impact on the story whatsoever.

So DKVine's friend Roysten making a breif appearancd in Grabbed by the Ghoulies that has no impact on the story is a true cameo, not a spinoff.

In fact the only way it truly would be a spinoff is if Roysten was the main character! Yes a spinoff is when a character from another show or series gets their own show or series. GbtG is not Roysten's own series.