Foreman Spike



So I've decided to mix sprite NO BODY's YI styled Foreman Spike with SuperLuigiBros' Wario for a SMBX project (replacing Toad):

And Santa Spike just to contrast Waluigi's


I also borrowed some sprites from the gigaleak:


Bear in mind: They can't mount Yoshi's, only Kuribo's Shoes when they ride on one you can only see their heads.

Let's not forget the forgotten Jack in overalls from Wario's Woods:

All of them wearing the SMW style, celebrating both Super Mario World and Wrecking Crew (NES) so that's two birds with one stone.
It seems the hidden little girl rival you find in Wrecking Crew 98 is based on a Japanese urban legend of a girl who shows and scares anyone using the public bathrooms of a school.


Now that's some REAL good news, shows that they're not afraid (and most importantly allowed) to expand outside the safe circle of Mario characters. Can't believe I actually have a bit of hope for this movie now, not too much to expect a character from Paper Mario or M&L to show up of course, but enough to imagine Wart or Toadsworth making an appearance.
Real question is which design they'll use for Spike, each appearance is drastically different from the others but I guess the one chosen will be the most "mean boss" like.