[Poll] Games you're most excited for in 2019?


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Given there are quite a few games coming out this year, which ones are you most excited to play and why?

For me, as I said in a profile comment, it just has to be Luigi's Mansion 3. Don't get me wrong, Mario Maker 2 and the Link's Awakening remake are neat too, but the former is more of a tool than a game, whereas the latter is a remake. Both are fine, but both lack the surprise value of a new single player adventure game with new characters, enemies and locations.

Meanwhile Pokemon Sword and Shield just looks like a mess, and the lack of national dex makes it a non starter right away.

Still, what do you think? What game (or games) are you most excited to play this year and why?


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Good question. I guess it's a toss up between Luigi's Mansion 3 and Link's Awakening. It should have been Pokémon Sword/Sheild but that ended up being a disaster.


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Im most excited for Luigi's Mansion 3, Fire Emblem Three Houses and Super Mario Maker 2.

I want a new Nintendo Switch WarioWare videogame, a new Banjo-Kazooie videogame and a new Mother/Earthbound videogame.


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wario land five is not wario land shake it ?
Technically speaking, Shake It! is actually Wario Land 6, because neither it nor Virtual Boy Wario Land use a number as part of its title. So, if a new Wario Land game were to be released and use a number as part of its title, it would be 5, because it would be the 5th one to use a number.

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I'm probably gonna be playing Crash Team Racing NF for the rest of 2019, but I'm definitely looking forward to Link's Awakening.

Loogi's Third House will prolly be a fun halloween jaunt, but I doubt they'll do anything groundbreaking with it. The 2nd one was pretty forgetable.