Hello Wario Fans


That one person
Hey, greetings and welcome to the Wario Forums, KidFlesh! where people will say Garlic is better than gold I think.

I am Ashley Channel and I'll be your --- welcoming person...? Anyway, great to see new faces around here, normally I'd be all fancy for new users but I'm getting kind of tired of that. Anyway, we have our share fair of rules around here, so if you didn't see them already here's the list of rules!

Our community isn't only limited to Wario discussions, we also have a General chat. If you want to chat with our users you can start any type of topic in our Social Thread. (providing it doesn't break the rules. Porn/hentia are prohibited.)

If you have any questions do not fear to ask - our users are always ready to help newcomers.

- Ashley Channel