[IDEA] What a Wario themed Banjo-Kazooie-esque game could be like

And I'm not talking about Wario World.
I'm thinking of a game more closely resembling a collectaphon like Banjo Kazooie or Yooka Laylee.

Just tossing around ideas.

General story setting: Wario discoveres an ancient Temple on an uncharted island, and goes to inverstigate (and find treasure, of course).
This temple is our hub world. There are treasure to be found, as well as entrances to other worlds...

He also finds Captain Syrup there, who becomes his ally.

And the plot would have some evil villan wanting to take over the whole temple and the wolrds within, as well as claim all the treasures.

Of course, Wario wants the treasure to himself. Plus, Wario and Syrup are trapped in the Temple. And Wario understands that, even having all these treasures, he still wants to take them out of the temple and home with him. Which is why he decides to go on the quest to destroy our villan - and get rich in the process.


Frog Medals (or some other form of an achient coin) would be the equivalent of Notes. These will allow Wario to unlock doors in the Temple. I like the idea of it being Frog Medals as a nod to Wario Land 4, but at the same time, having 100 or more in each world would make them feel less valuable than they were in the past, where you had to grind harder for them.

Diamonds. These would be the main collectables.

Rings. These are collectables that Captain Syrup charges Wario to teach him new moves. I think the story would be that she used to own these rings, but had to pay them to the Ginny to get her Castle back on Kitchen Island, oe something like that

Mad Scienstien can also make a return in this game, this time being the inventor of a Transformation Machine. But in order to make the machine work, it needs to be fixed, and Wario needs to collect the parts (perhaps Cogs) that the villan has stolen.

That's all I have for now. But feel free to share your own ideas.
What would Wario's moveset be like, what kind of Worlds would Wario visit. What NPCs and tasks could he find. And so on...
Let's see. Some moves that Wario can learn.

Shoulder Bash would deffinetly be one. But Wario can only defeat some small enemies with it, and only from behind. Maybe he could push the larger enemies thought.

Ground Pound. This can just work like in Banjo Kazooie.

Ground Smash. That move from Shake It where Wario smashes the ground, creating a shockwave. There should, of course, be a limit how much this could be used. Perhaps it can only be powered by a certain "ammo collectable".


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Okay, if we ever get a Wario game that looks like the pictures Triple M posted above, that would be freaking awesome. Damn, looks like just the right blend of Wario Land Shake It's cartoon style and a more traditional 3D platformer setup if you ask me.

And yeah, I like the ideas wariolandgoldpiramid mentioned too. Sounds like an awesome game concept.