If Wario Land 5 happens, who would you want to make it?


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Yep, that's why I specify when I tell people my favorite Wario Lands are the first three (WL1, VBWL, WL2).
Which is the Kingdom Hearts player's dilemma, to bring it all full circle.
The Chain of Memories of Wario Land games~
That's impossible to do.
Because it's true? Because I was just bullshitting, mostly. Personally I consider it different enough from the Land titles to not count it as one-- it's more of a God of Waa style platformer, and though 3 also had puzzles in it, they're not much like the ones in World, and unlike the former there's a lot more emphasis on Dssh-heavy platforming, for building up speed and/or for jumps, more so than as the main means of attack or even block-breaking, like it is in literally every other Wario title.
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Since we all know of the usual 2nd party or whatever parties like Good Feel or Retro Studios, what are some more "out there" developers you guys think would do a good job?

I'd almost like to see Dimps give a try at it since they handled 2D Sonic for the better part of a 15 year-ish span and did a pretty competent job in my opinion though not everyone has liked Dimps. That being said, I'm not really familiar with their current work so I don't think they could do it nowadays.


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That's a really good question, and I'm struggling to come up with a good answer here.

There are obviously many indie devs who made decent 2D platformers and what not, but I'm not sure if this is a series where Retro level resources may be better. D-Pad Studio or Matt Makes Games (Celeste) could do well with a traditional 2D sprite based title though.


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Tough call. I don't see Nintendo EPD making the game, and I'm not overly enthusiastic about many of Nintendo's recent 2D platformers. I'm a fan of the BoxBoy! series. With its emphasis on puzzle-platforming, perhaps HAL Laboratory could be a good fit for Wario Land.

I do like the look of D-Pad Studio's mock-up--but Owlboy didn't impress in terms of its gameplay, which is what I care about most; I don't really see Nintendo handing off the series to an indie developer, but I'd weep with joy if Team Cherry or Yacht Club Games worked on it. Pie in the sky.