Make a short story using as many WAAnderful WAA puns in the narrative as possible w/o being obnoxious


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An example:
"Hey man I'm thirsty you got a sandwich I can borrow?"
"waa--? Okay, 1st of all, NO, we're in the middle of a WAAr, soldier!"

Here's my little story. Not too great, but mildly amusing, I think.

"What's on TV," Wario waandered to himself. ...Then it was apparent that no, really, him to himself.
"Waa?!" The first Wario shouted in surprise, jumping out of his chair (but somehow remembering to turn the TV off even in spite of his confusion).
"Who are you? Waat do you waant from me?!"
"All the waarlic in your house," the bandit-masked Wario said, holding a flintlock at Wario, suddenly.
"Oh no! I've heard about you! You're, uh, that guy! Who steals garlic from people!"
"Yes, that's right. I am... The Dread Pirate WAAberts."
"Wow, waat a weird dream," Wario said groggily, and rolled onto his other side. "Waa--?"
"It isn't over yet," the dread pirate Waaberts said in reply, pressing the gun up to Wario's bulbous nose.


Your turn :dabs:Make sure the puns are an extra layer to the comedy though-- you can't just eat garlic powder and call that a full meal, after all.
you can use that same sorta prompt, if you need somewhere to start from, where every character in the short story is another Wario. Wario's of all shapes and sizes are very much allowed, in fact they're plentiful. Just like how humans look the same but with little differences, these are all different Wario's. You don't have to though. Looking forward to any update e-mails I might get from this thread <3, but for now good night all
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