Most ridiculous fan fic ideas you've ever seen?


In the present day, the Freedom Fighters think they have located Sonic, but they’ve only located two impostors: Harry Potter Obama the Hedgehog and Ogorki the Hedgehog. Both of these impostors cause plenty of trouble for the residents of the Great Forest. One of the worst instances occurs when Harry Potter Obama kidnaps Cheese. Shadow manages to defeat both of these impostors, though.

A red Sonic tells the audience about the wonders of marijuana. However, the real Sonic steps in and warns the audience not to impersonate people unless they’re on an undercover mission.

Meanwhile, Shadow hands in a fake release form to Colonel Klink & quits the Gestapo.

After a while, Sonic conquers his nightmares and awakens. After a tearful embrace with his friends, they set out to Eggopolis. They're temporarily held up by a gun-wielding Richard Nixon impersonator & Shadow, but they get there in time and destroy the Atomic Decoupler.