Ore Dayo! Wario Dayo! and other Wario related mangas


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A japanese(only) manga series centering around Wario.




It's volumes are based on World, master of disguise and shake it respectivly.
Appearently the author behind Super Mario Kun is also responsible for this series.
If you have any information/scans/translations/anything than you can share them here.


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Cool find!

I wonder if there's Warioware-anything in Super Mario-kun. Japanese sites don't mention anything, but...
I wouldn't be suprised if there was, I mean when freaking Shokora of all charcters can make an appearence:


than I would be shocked, if Ware was completly ignored...
if Ware was completly ignored...

Microsoft helps the videogame market down, which was really high after the blockbuster ET game came out, when they made WarioWare: the game where you play one really long game in. The game goes as follows: you are a bean that is falling from the sky and you have to touch the ground.

I think this will be a fullon story.

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Man, I've been wishing for years that I'd find some English translations. It seems like a very faithful series to Wario.


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My personal favorite bit btw :

We have what's essentially exorcism in a Wario's Woods based manga. Nobody can tell me that that's not incredible.
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One more from Ore Dayo! Wario Dayo! :

And a 4Koma strip starring Wario :

And that's it for the time being.