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This is the pro wrestling thread for the few out there brave enough to admit they like pro wrestling : p

Anywho, post here if you enjoy pro wrestling and wanna talk about it : 3

My favorite promotion-


Haha, admit it, it was a way cool looking show : p Even the WCW logo screamed cool : p

But yeah, I grew up with WCW, and totally loved it as a kid, and thats kinda carried onto my adult hood : p My all time favorite wrestler is Sting, definitely. He was way awesome. In fact my dream match is Sting vs the Rock, haha. I always hated the Rock, and hes kinda the face of WWF, so I always thought these two would be a good rivalry : p

I liked WWF in the 90s, too. And even a bit into the 2000s, with HHH and Ric Flair with the Evolution, I watched that for a while before totally giving up on wrestling forever : p I still enjoy watching old videos on youtube, though. And I have the Sting DVD WWE released recently as well.

What shows do you like, and what do you think of the other shows?
I grew up mainly with WWF, and I could discuss that at length as well, but recently I've been enjoying Chikara, which is sort of an indie scene. They're very family-friendly as a policy, which has sort of become a running gag at this point, where even the crowd chants will avoid profanities. They also don't tend to take themselves seriously, and basically rely on a mutual understanding between the performers and the audience that it's not real and that they're just gonna play along anyway. Sometimes they might fight in slow motion, so the crowd's cheering will slow to a crawl as well. Sometimes they get distracted from the match entirely to screw around. Sometimes someone will do attacks that everyone knows would never work but treat like they will anyway, like an invisible grenade or a hypnotic dance. There's a colorful cast of characters, like Player Uno the 8-Bit Luchador, the viking Oleg the Usurper, a guy in a big cartoonish dragon suit named Dragon Dragon (who canonically died after having the head part knocked off by Oleg), and Los Ice Creams, a tag team of El Hijo de Ice Cream and Ice Cream Jr. I saw a live show back in (I think) October, and it was fantastic.
Haha, that sounds way awesome : p Id like to see that one day.

I like the idea of both sides coming in knowing its all staged, cuz I think then it can open up more possibilities with what you can do. Though I like the idea of keeping it all to look real, as to not break the illusion, if we all know its a show, it leaves more room for more creativity.
Right. For example, in the show I went to, there was a wrestler named Wildcat who got distracted by a ball of yarn. And of course, there was Los Ice Creams. You just can't get characters that crazy if you're trying to be realistic.
I was into wrestling quite a bit when I was younger but as you can probably expect from my age I missed out on all the super cool stuff like the Attitude Era and Monday Night Wars. Lately, I've gotten into wrestling again been learning more about wrestling through the years from about the 1980s onwards and trying to appreciate the older stuff. Today's pro wrestling doesn't seem as interesting even if the wrestlers have flashier moves nowadays.
Yeah, exactly! Like I think thats sorta how alot of good wrestlers came out about. Like Sting, Undertaker and even like Ultimate Warrior haha : p I like the comic-y theme pro wrestling usually has, so Im not as big on the "real" look. I did like it with the NWO, but that was because it was an invasion into that comic world, it was way cool. But shows that try the "real" look seem more boring to me : p

Ive watched some ECW before, and besides for the crowd interaction (piling up chairs into the ring was way cool : p) I generally dont feel entertained by them : p I like it to feel like a comic haha : p
I was into wrestling quite a bit when I was younger but as you can probably expect from my age I missed out on all the super cool stuff like the Attitude Era and Monday Night Wars. Lately, I've gotten into wrestling again been learning more about wrestling through the years from about the 1980s onwards and trying to appreciate the older stuff. Today's pro wrestling doesn't seem as interesting even if the wrestlers have flashier moves nowadays.

The monday night really was the best thing ever : p It was the most popular time for pro wrestling for a reason, yeah : p It was way awesome, and actually having more than one show really helped them put on better shows without becoming lazy : p
The older stuff is what I like, I cant get into the newer stuff, it feels so kiddy, and unnatural I think. I dont have the words to totally explain it : p But its totally different and more like.... dumbed down.

And haha, yeah I agree 100%, the flashy moves arent that exciting at all to me : p I thought the things they did in the 80s and 90s were more than enough : p After a while you get kinda bored of back suplexs : p
Yeah. There's something a lot more appealing about outlandish characters than the wrestlers we see nowadays. I'd rather watch classic Kane, or the Ultimate Warrior, or someone similarly full of personality than someone like John Cena. Nothing against Cena, I think he's a hilarious guy in person, but in the ring he just doesn't do it for me. I think that's part of why I prefer the older stuff. You see a lot of great characters in the old stuff, and they just aren't as distinct nowadays, from what I've seen. Though it's still cool to see characters I knew from my childhood still at it, like the Big Show.
Sadly I don't think that type of wrestling will ever come back just with how much things have change since then especially with how kayfabe is viewed now.
I still think Chikara has a lot of that aspect of really fun characters, and they do a lot of flashy stuff as well. Nowhere near as mainstream though, sadly. I'm not sure we'll see something as big as WWE return to the ways of the Attitude era anytime soon. I also hear that Japan does a lot of crazy stuff as well. In Japan, there's a wrestling blowup doll named Yoshihiko, and the opponents have the doll throw them around and sometimes even lose to it.
I'm just not sure how people can really get into their favorite wrestlers like people did in the 80s and 90s again aside from the little kids.
I know there are people who are still wrestling fans who watch WWE just cuz they like wrestling, but theyre constantly complaining about it now : p I mean, I was a wcw fan yeah, but I did still enjoy wwf too. And I have to say, it really is boring now : p

I am not even entirely sure what it is thed need to make it better at this point : p I dont think repeating the attitude era would bring it back, to be honest. I mean, all the attitude era was was wwf doing alot of perverted and immature things. Yeah it brought in veiwers and all, but it was still mostly due to the wrestlers they had at the time that kep the viewers. The wrestlers we had in the 90s were way cool, and enjoyable to watch. I dont feel like the current generation of wrestlers is all that interesting. Like, who here thought the Miz was cool? And Daaniel Bryan, who runs and screams "yes!", and of course John Cena, they feel like they were made for 10 year olds.

And the story lines are generally too cheesy too. I watched this video or Randy Orton once, and he was going on about his "anger issues", haha I thought that was really tacky and stupid : p Like I cant buy into the idea a pro wrestler actually has anger issues. I mean yeah I grew up with such characters like Sting and Undertaker, who are obviously fictitious, but still, it was the fact that they were so far from reality that made them cool. But a guy with anger issues, whoa : p

Maybe in anothter decade, well have a whole new generation of wrestlers, who have new and exiting ideas, and are enjoyable to watch : p
Another thing I think thats kinda declined about modern pro wrestling is the stage designs are much less cretive and interesting. Like I dont think current wrestling is all that visually applealing anymore. In the 90s, the arenas and stage desgins were always well thought out and creative, and had some kinda theme going for it, where now its all just become tv monitors that are either red or blue depneding on what show your watching. I think its really lost alot with the way they currently design the shows to look all modern, and weve lost alot from seeing them actually come up with really good and appealing sets for the shows.

Like, this here


Just feels like it has more life than this-


(believe it or not it was easier for me to find a WCW arena than an old wwf one : /)

I may be the only person who feels this way, but I kinda feel bummed out by the lack of creativity with the stage desings over just putting up a bunch of monitors : p
And Daaniel Bryan, who runs and screams "yes!"
I already knew Bryan Danielson because my brother is a fan of him from his indie days. His technique is really good. As for character, though, WWE just doesn't make him as interesting as some of the older wrestlers.

And yeah, I guess I never thought about the arena designs, but looking at it now, it's pretty undeniable.

Also, I know Mona can't see this, but this was at least a hilarious segment about the crazy stuff that Kane has done over the years.
The stage designs was actually something I used to love as a kid, I always thought it was important, how the entire arena was set up. Ive always enjoyed what they did, until like this decade, when it just all became tv monitors : p Like even in the 2000s, with the smackdown and raw arenas, they were way cool, and I thought the wwe early 2000s ppv arenas were way cool, too. I think its really declined now : /

And I think wwe has alot of limitations on the characters of their preformers, and what they can do. Might be wrong though. Oh and Kane, hes another that I think kina died out. Like I liked him when he first came to wwf, I thought he was a way cool idea. But nowadays hes like a cheesy comic relief guy. Or has been anyway, oh and Booker T too, in wcw he was like a majorly cool character, he was way tough with an in your face attitude, but wwe has kinda made him a cartoon character. Not in a good way either. I dont feel like they took him as seriously as he deserved.

Btw, did anyone here ever watch TNA? I did for a very short time, because I saw that Sting was in it, but haha that was a pertty awkward show, I didnt really think it was all that great : p
I think a lot of factors nowadays include how fans are probably too "smart" for wrestling as well as issues like the Chris Benoit incident that sort of cause things to be toned down in comparison to previous eras. WWE not having much competition doesn't help much either.

Also why did TNA give Sting that Joker gimmick
Too "smart" for wrestling? What does that mean?

And I dont totally understand the Chris Benoit thing, I mean I know what he did, sadly. But how does that tie into wrestling?

And I totally agree with the lack of competition on wwe behalf. wcw was real competition for them, and it really caused them to pick it up and really do something good. And with wwe already being the big force in pro wrestling, wcw also had to come up with something good to get the fans eyes away from wwe onto wcw. It would be cool if another company could come in and give wwe a run for their money, again. Haha, its something I hate about wwe, theres no reason they should be the sole wrestling promotion : p I wish another compay could come up and do what wcw did.

And, haha ah I really hated Stings joker gimmick, it was really terrible ; p I think it kinda ruined his reputation. I understand wanting to change it up a bit, but still, it was pretty tacky and weird. Its common for a wrestler to change it up after a while and all, look at all the changes Kane and Undertaker went through. But I wish it were at least good : p I dunno if TNA made him do it though, its possible he could have done it on his own.